Sexiest Tea Steeper for Oolong Tea

I've been anti tea drinking for so long and thought I would never ever drink tea for any reason in my life time. That changed a few months ago when I was convinced by a colleague to try the Oolong tea

She said her father had high blood pressure. He likes to eat a lot of meat and salty food. He doesn't like to exercise and eat healthy. He is very bad at taking care of himself. But ever since he started drinking the Oolong tea his blood pressure has stabilized and he is a lot healthier. 
You know what guys? You can sell me anything, especially the part where her father doesn't exercise and just drink tea twice a day. I mean, that sounds so easy, how could this work? 

I did some light investigation and found a lot of great things about the Oolong tea. How is Oolong tea different from regular tea?  What are the benefits of Oolong? It is partially green tea and black tea mixed. The way that the tea was processed is much more time consuming than the regular teas. The tea leaves are also carefully selected and you can tell in the way they steep. 

After I bought my tea, I realized that I needed a tea steeper. A very nice and sexy tea steeper so that I can be enticed to keep up with this mission. I needed to separate the tea leaves from the liquid that I am going to drink from.

I did see an amazing change in my BP reading. I also drank too much at once. See the amount of the leaves, and the color of the tea? Yes, now I drink 1/3 of that. You don't need any more than say twenty of the little tea balls. The tea did my body good, and I continued to drink it.

Down fall. My problem is, I don't sleep well. I like staying up late. I abuse myself with this habit. So nothing good will help me for long term because I get into these abusive moods and thrash my sleep.
To get my BP down, all I have to do is sleep more. And am I? Well, stay tune to see what I did to help me sleep more....
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  1. I have been hearing good things about this tea.
    I will need to try it.

    I do abuse my sleeping habits also.

  2. Very tempting indeed! This "sexy" tea steeper is very okay to be tempted by.


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