5-10 Minutes Pork Loin Roast Slow Cook

The other day out of desperation, I decided to cook pork loin roast lazily.  I've heard people tout about the slow cooker  and thought I might just take a chance today while we are at piano class.

Who? Me? Total control freak? Leave the meat alone for hours, are you kidding?
But, I told myself. "What's more tragic? Not having anything to eat when we get home from piano practice or "let it go" this time?"
Plus, imagine when the little princess say in a very sad voice "I am hungry, Mom." and I have nothing on hand within seconds to bring out. Wow - that would be tragic, and I would hate myself, and I don't want to hate myself today. So I ask our personal chauffeur: "How much time do we have before we have to get in the car, Hun?" He replied: "Five / ten minutes." Okay - I think I can get the roast marinated and in the slow cooker in ten minutes.

I grabbed four garlic cloves already peeled - I just got them - ah hah - and one shallot. I sliced the shallot and garlic cloves thinly and dropped them in the slow cooker. I marinated the pork loin with salt, pepper, oregano, a half pinch of thyme, a spray of dry parsley, some paprika.

So far the meat looks great even raw. The only ingredients I really need is some olive oil to keep the meat moist, and perhaps some chicken broth to make sure I don't burn down the house. I have enough broth covering the meat now, so the lid comes on and we are off, driving to gymnastics and piano class. 5:00PM.

Fast forward to 8:30PM. We came home and I went to look at the slow cooker. The pork loin roast looks fairly pleasing, and let's see how it taste..."Wowza!" as Dustin would put it. It tasted delicious! The slow cooker kept the roast moist with plenty of sauce to sprinkle on some rice.

What prompted this post today is not that I had good food, but it's because I wanted to record  down what I did so that I can do it again. The family, especially SO loved it! We finished the most of the roast, but the best part was, I had a little left over, to bring for lunch today. It was so satisfying - yummy to the last piece of rice that gotten part of the sauce.

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  1. Amazing what you can do with little time and a crock pot! Sounds like a winner! (h)

    1. Yes. I was very impress with the little crock pot. It did so well, no hassles. I will cook more in this little helper.


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