Bite Size Cucumber Stuff Crab Appetizers

I love cucumbers. One of the best feelings in the summertime is to bite into a crisp and fresh cold cucumber. I remember the first time I had the bite size cucumber cups at my sister in law’s house. She made marinated sirloin beef and filled the cucumber cups with it. The taste was amazing. Usually at parties, I like to snack on food that's easy to pick up and easy to consume. It was indeed a surprise combination of flavorfully rich and crispy light texture. I remembered that was the only food I kept going back for. 

Our family still love beef of any hind, mostly thinly sliced beef, but because we try to not eat too much meat, I wanted to make the cucumber cups with seafood. Needing quick ideas, I Googled the ingredients and came up with the crab stuff cucumbers. 

Sounds good! I set- my mind to make this right away.  How did it turned out? 
For me, it was ok – not my favorite. I think the combination of the marinated beef was much better with the cucumber. There is something about the beef and cucumber that offset each other in a complimentary way. 

Anyhow, I can take you through how I made these seafood cucumber cups for those who can't eat meat.
I used imitation crab meat, maybe that's why it wasn't so great. Try using the real crab meat instead. 

Put the crab meat in a bowl.
 Mix in your seasonings, salt pepper. 
Minced yellow / red onion and mix it in with the crab. 
If you like mayonnaise, mix just enough in so that the texture is thicken. 
Spoon a tablespoon of the crab stuffing into the cucumber cups chill and serve. 

It is one of the most interesting and pretty looking appetizers on the buffet table. Yet, it is one of the easiest to put together, so give it a try. You will be amazed at how much your guests will enjoy the horderves.

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