3 Ways to Make Recycling More Convenient

One the reasons people don't regularly recycle is because it's inconvenient. Throwing away trash is very easy to do because there's normally a trash can in every room. Unlike trash cans, there's isn't a place for recycling to go in every room. Most people don't want to go out of their way to recycle. In order to recycle more, it's important to make it convenient. This may sound like a lazy way out, but it's true. While there are people who litter, it is easier to find a plastic bottle in the trash can than it is to find someone intentionally throw garbage on the ground. In order to make recycling a mandatory tradition in your sphere of influence, there are a few tips to try.

1. Keep a small bag for recycling in the car. 

When you're out and about, the last thing you're thinking about is how you can't wait to get to a recycling bin to discard your plastic bottles. In fact, it's easy to either leave it in the car or throw it away in the garbage can. Instead of doing this, keep a small bag just for plastic bottles in your car. Depending on the amount of plastic you collect, you can easily put the bag in the recycling bin.

2. Place multiple recycling bins inside the house. 

Most people keep their recycling bins right outside of their homes. Going outside is inconvenient because you have to put shoes on. If it's cold outside, you've got to get dressed for the cold. These are all extra steps that prevent you from wanting to throw away the recycling. Instead, just treat the recycling bins like you treat the trash. There's normally a trash can in every room. Keep a receptacle nearby for recycling as well. When it's time to empty the trash, empty the recycling bin as well.

3. Make a reminder of when the recycling collectors come. 

In the hustle and busyness of the work week, it can be easy to forget when the recycling gets picked up. Make a big note of it somewhere so you don't forget. If you work in an office and you need to make sure the recycling gets put outside, it's a good idea to use Miltek UK baler or compactor to take care of the recycling on a routine basis each week. This week, the recycled items don't pile up and create more of a mess than they're worth.

Recycling is worth the effort. To save the environment and maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle takes a little intention. However, once you get into a routine, it will feel like second-nature and you'll be doing a good deed for Mother Nature.
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