Trinity 8 Ao Dai Viet Nam Tet Festival

What a good day for me! Miss Trinity was so cooperative in picture taking that I'd scored a few good photos to share.

These photos were taken prior to the TET Festival 2016 at the Vietnamese church where she is learning catechism and Vietnamese language. The minute we load our two huge tubs of Fried Rice and belongings for the Tet Festival, I received a call that the event has been canceled. The breaking news was that there were three fugitives on the loose around the area where the festival was taken place.

 In order to protect the children and everyone, the church decided that it was too risky to set-up all the festival games and food where the fugitives might take advantage to mingle and possibly harm us.

So all the time that we spent getting ready the night before ended in an uneventful day and two huge party size tubs of fried rice to eat for the next couple of weeks. We celebrated the Tet Festival, but it was two weeks late this year.

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