Recycling Water From My Showers| Alyssum

It's October in California and the weather's been beautiful. Gorgeous with blue skies and plenty of sunshine. The problem is California is still very dry and going through a major drought. We're only allowed to water our lawn twice a week and five minutes each time at night. At the same time, we all have been conserving water which resulted in brown grass, dried up flowers and plants. it's a miracle to see any flowers at all.

This photo of the Alyssum is from years ago when we were still watering our yards. Nowadays we are recycling our water by placing buckets in the shower and reusing the run-off water to water our plants. It sounds easy, but not, since our showers are upstairs. It's really a pain to put water into a bucket that you can carry downstairs and haul it through the house and into the backyard.

I managed to do this once, and it was tough. First, I had to somehow get the water from the big buckets I placed in the shower into the bucket that I can manage to carry to the backyard. Nevertheless, the bucket I carried is still heavy since I wanted to make sure the bucket is large enough so that the trip is worthwhile. Secondly, keeping the water in the bucket going downstairs through our rooms to the backyard is not that easy either. Needless to say, I have done it once more time since, but not enough to make any difference to the brown lawn and dried up flowers.
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