Corn dog and French Fries

When nothing else seems enticing enough for lunch, I run back to the basics, corn dog, hot dog, hamburger, or pizza. The food always looks and tastes so much better when bought than making them yourself. I think we all know why that is, but in case you're wondering why, it's because at home, we are careful to use lean, organic, less salt, less fat, and taking those things away, sometimes mean taking away the taste too.

For the meal below, if we were to guess, who do you think ordered it?
1- Daddy
2- Mommy
3- Young Man
4- Teenager
5- Kid

If the breading on the corn dog isn't bad enough, how about those deep fried french fries? I would try anything to make meals more fun and enticing for the family, especially Miss Trinity. A few months back, I tried the noodles through hot dogs. They were good, until you bite into the noodles that were trapped in the hot dog itself - it was hard and not done. So although they were interesting, and yummy to eat, having to bite into the undone part wasn't so great.

But wait, this meal actually comes with healthy food too so that should reduce some of the guilt. We have the melons, cantaloupe, and pineapple to clean off the pallet.

BTW- The answer to who ordered this meal is... a Kid. Thank goodness Mommy resisted.

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