Salmon, King Crab, Shrimp Seafood Salad

Seafood Salad was the special dish of the day at Newport Landing for the 4th of July. We didn't expect much because restaurants normally cheap-out with real seafood. {Well, maybe they're only trying to proportionate the amount of seafood people intake at lunch time.} But, when the dish was served, we were all taken by surprised by the amount of seafood that were piled on the salad. A seafood feast. Grilled salmon, king crab chunks, and shrimps were fresh and ample, and we were very happy... eating. The best part was that the restaurant didn't skimp out on any of our orders - find out what I thought was so special about the the  Ultimate Burger.

If you're looking to put this salad together. It's a bit more work than other salads because of type of seafood chosen. You'll need grilled salmon fillets, boiled shrimps and remove the chunks of steamed  king crab meat. I can't recall if we had any dressing on the seafood salad, but I what I can remember was squeezing the lemon juice on the salad and that was it. It didn't need anything else since the grilled salmon was already seasoned, and well, you can imagined that the shrimp and crab are already awesome as they were.
As for the bed of greens, it's a mix baby springs. You can see these posts in how to make the dressing or sauce if you wish to have sauce on the seafood salad.

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