How to Create a Home Theater

One of the hottest trends currently finding its way into home designs is the home theater. This allows you to have a spot in your house to showcase your media technology while offering an escape from reality when indulging in films with family and friends. However, the creation of a home theater includes more than simply attaching a monitor to the wall. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating the perfect movie retreat.


Choose a space in your home that is conducive to building the theater room in your mind’s eye. You will need an adequate amount of distance between the screen and the seating and you it should be in a part of the house that is rather private. It is best to have a space that is not passed through by others moving from one part of the home to another to avoid unnecessary interruptions.

Take into consideration the type of home theater you prefer. If you are looking to create a place where you can host groups, make sure there is ample space to avoid a claustrophobic vibe when guests are sitting for hours on end. Also pay attention to the type of lighting that is available in the room you choose and whether theater lighting can easily be installed.


Choose a room that is conducive to having a complete surround sound system to ensure those action flicks are heard, felt, and completely experienced in a full body manner. You might want to stick with a corner of the house where other members of the home are not disturbed by the sound emanating from here. Consider purchasing and installing sound proofing products to keep the movie and its soundtrack inside the walls so only the folks choosing to engage in the theater experience must do so.


There are a variety of seating options, so take the time to find one that fits your movie-watching style. If you like to recline with a drink in one hand and popcorn in the other, opt for a row of cushy, overstuffed reclining seats with snack holders in between. If snuggling is in the cards, look into furniture that can be transformed into loveseats with armrests that move out of the way. If you like to flop on your stomach or have kids that bundle up into a ball under a blanket, consider swanky theater bean bag seats that allow movement and freedom to select different positions.

Having a home theater can allow you and your family to enjoy an escape from reality with the click of the remote. Take the time to research the design style that will best fit you and your preferences for a long time to come.

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  1. I still prefer to have a nice comfy spot in my home to watch movies. There are so many movies coming out that are awesome, but I hate paying to go to a movie theater. Using these tips, I can really make a great theater in my home, that my entire family can enjoy.

  2. I love my home theater. About 3 years ago I spent about $10,000 turning an unused room in the basement into one. It has been so great having that option inside my home these months!

  3. I love a good movie with loud sound, comfy seat and popcorn. Sounds like a movie theater right? Well, I hate the cost of a ticket or two and the rude people that MIGHT be in the theater with me.

  4. Do you know how much a home theater costs? They can be so expensive because they involve electronics and things like that!

  5. Space is important. You have to realize that when you have a larger TV in this space, you cannot be sitting just 10 feet from it to get the best experience. Give yourself room to go back, in order to get the best viewing angle for your home theater!


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