How To Best Overcome Any Addiction

Addiction is something that plagues millions of people across the country. Addiction comes in many forms and does not always involve the use of drugs and alcohol. Identifying an addiction is the first step of overcoming any addiction but it is not always very easy. Since a person can become addicted to an act, substance, or another person it makes it difficult to spot an addiction in order to work on overcoming it. The following are the best ways to overcome an addiction once it is identified. Dealing with an addiction can be difficult so enlisting loved ones or friend in helping you to treat your addiction is wise as going through it alone can seem impossible.

Build A Support System

Many addicts think that they can kick their habit without the help of others. Many times this can be true but in the majority of cases addicts generally need to have a solid support system to overcome their addiction. A person’s support system can be comprised of friends, family, drug rehab, and even a person who has been met in counseling that will hold the addict responsible. Many times a former addict mentors a person in their quest to become sober and this person is called a sponsor. Support systems are great for the addict when cravings hit as many people can just make a call to someone in their support circle. Overcoming an addiction is hard enough, doing it alone is less successful because even the strongest addicts need a support system.

Know Your Triggers

Knowing triggers that lead to cravings for your addiction is extremely important. Avoiding situations that make an addict want to use again is wise until the person’s addiction is under control. This could be avoiding certain social situations or even certain people who make addicts want to use. Having others know your triggers can also be a positive thing as they can see when a craving has hit because of a certain situation. Once you have identified a large portion of your triggers, you can change your life in a way that avoids these triggers or deal with them more constructively.


Exercise is one of the best things an addict can do for a couple of reasons. This not only helps in the detox process but it has a healing impact as well. Many times people have the release of endorphins which can induce positive feelings and a sort of a “runner’s high” which can be a great substitute for a drug high. Exercise also helps distract an addict while getting healthy at the same time. Exercise can be an addiction as well so recognizing if you are replacing one addiction for another is also very important.

Keep A Journal

Writing things down is a great way to hold yourself accountable among other things. Writing feelings down when having a craving is a great outlet but it can also be looked at in times of extreme cravings. This will help you deal with your feelings as well as many find writing as a great outlet. Writing can also serve as a good distraction in times of cravings if the addict finds writing to be an emotional help. Even if keeping a journal does not have a large impact on the addict, keeping this journal is important. The journal can be looked at when relapse is a possibility and can be shown to other addicts in the times when they are having a hard time staying sober.

Overcoming an addiction is a lot of hard work and it is a job that never ends. Once a person is an addict then they have to realize that they will be an addict for life. Staying sober or avoiding your addiction cravings is a daily fight that can be won with the correct support system and strategy. Loved ones can be the biggest supporters of an addict and if a craving hits, they will be there to help in your battle against addiction.

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  1. IF you know your triggers, tell loved ones around you as well. When they know them, your support system gets even stronger.

  2. I used to watch Intervention all of the time and I always thought, "How can they be so addicted". Once you learn the reasons and see that their support system was missing for so long, it makes sense.

  3. Doing exercise has so many benefits for the person with an addiction. Besides getting your mind away from the addiction, you are also getting healthier!

  4. Addiction is a very serious situation and if you know anyone with one, you know what I mean. They addiction can take over your life and can be very hard to over come. The best tip you have here is the support group! There is no doubt that is needed!

  5. When I was young I got addicted to smoking, I think what helped me quitting it was exercise, it make me forget the need to smoke.

  6. I've never been addicted to any drugs or alcohol, but my best friend was a drug addict for several years, I was always at his side in the most difficult moments, if someday I get to fall into addiction I wish someone would do the same for my

  7. Exercise is the best solution to overcome addiction, exercise, clean your body of toxins, also helps you to be more healthy!

  8. Do my exercises every day and seek support from my family has been wonderful for me, they helped me overcome each day more healthy!

  9. Loved it, helped me so much, thank you

  10. I agree with everything you wrote. Thanks, I’m already finding this helpful.

  11. Well I liked it, I found your steps, while specific, to be very informative. I greatly appreciate your words.

  12. I totally agree with what you have said here in this article. I’m not recovering from any addictions but I believe that just about all of the things are essential to have a happy life. I think that all of theses things will help keep your mind from sinking and doing all sorts of bad habits.


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