Window Boxes Saved Plants in Bad Weather

The rain we had last week destroyed some of my plants and flowers in the garden, but I was able to save some. I love spending time in the garden, watching my plants grow and making sure they are pruned and trimmed.
It is very rewarding to see that they too have responded in kind to my love and care. One of my favorite flowers was transplanted to the Hooks and Lattice planter box. It is thriving and loving its new home.

Since then I received so many compliments about my window box plants that I've decided that I needed to transpalnt a few more to spread around my house.

Some plants were sunken by the rain, and I couldn't move them in time. They are trying to recover but, I have no idea whether this will be possible.

At Christmas this year, I received one of the best gifts. SO said: use gardening gloves to protect your hands since the thorns can get in the way some times. He knows me well, when I am into something, I am very passionate and very focus.

He helped me dig up the ones that were bigger to move them into the window boxes, but I only had the one. So we had to go online and see if we could get a couple more quickly. I didn't want to just have any kind because our windows would only accommodate certain kinds. I had two out of three people telling me they had purchased their window plant boxes online. I thought, okay, I love shopping online.

My search was on for garden window boxes. I became very confused. This is just me; I am easily persuaded towards anything about plants. I can’t resist and I have to practically pinch myself to move away from them. With careful calculations though I ended up with a couple for starters, and plan on adding more later.

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  1. I think I'll end up purchasing some garden window boxes soon. Been wanting to do this for a while now, as a way to spice up my house. I'm very excited.

  2. I had some installed around my house this past year and it really adds a lot to a home. Plus it's much more appealing having a nice fresh scent of flowers flowing into the house than other outside smells. It just makes everything that much better.

  3. I need to get a few window boxes to install around my home. I love gardening and this would make it much more enjoyable. Plus I hate gardening in the dirt, it's much easier this way anyways.

  4. My girlfriend loves gardening and I imagine a nice sized window box would be something she can get into. I don't know if she'd like one all all windows, but I might install them as a surprise just because and see what she thinks.


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