Shades of Lime Green & Sunday Ramblings

Limes are one of the ingredients in Asian food. It is a must for some Thai and Vietnamese dishes that I so adore. Some of my recent posted recipes were:
I also adore the Yum Woon Sen, Seafood Salad that I have laid to rest temporary.

Besides what lime stands for in the food aspect. My ramblings of today is about what the shades of green mean to me. The first thought was "money". If these limes were gold coins, and each of them is equivalent to $100,000.00, I would have enough to retire. Maybe because it is evening on Sunday, and I know that I only have a few hours before bedtime, and before I have to force myself to drive to work in the morning. If it is God's will, he will end the conflicts, answer my prayers and place me in the right environment for what is left of my career.

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  1. I love limes too. I like to use them in my virgin margaritas!

  2. This is a must have in my frig. We always have fresh lime on hands.

  3. This is a must have in our frig. We always have lime on hands.

  4. I rarely have limes in the house, actually. I've just never found a use for them besides occasional mixing it with guac or seasonings. Perhaps I'll start buying them now!


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