Increase Efficiency with Matrix Switches

Matrix switches provide a number of different benefits to their users. Within the devices there are several features that help to not only accomplish particular functions but also aid in increasing the effectiveness of the device. Below are some of the key areas that contribute to matrix switches efficiency.


Matrices allow the connection of more than one console, which increases the amount of devices that can be managed through the singular matrix. Some matrices with multiple consoles can manage up to 32 devices at once. This not only helps to streamline the process but also decreases costs as less equipment is required to manage several different pieces of machinery.

Power Supply 

Certain matrix devices offer simplified cabling, or a reduced amount of necessary cables. The matrices use Cat and KVM adaptor cables to connect the servers to the consoles, extending the distance that can be between the two. The devices also offer dual power supply operation, which cuts down on equipment as well, and increases productivity. In the case that one of the power sources goes down, the second source is readily available to kick in. As such, this helps to increase efficiency in cost and output.


There are a number of ways in which matrix switches can be ordered and utilized, which increase their functionality. The most common ways in which they are configured include:

• Cascaded
• Daisy chained
• A combination of the two

The scalability of the matrix contributes to the output that is allowed and helps to increase it drastically. Though any of the options increase productivity and saves energy, using the daisy chained method helps to conserve costs even more because it allows all ports to be connected to servers.

Root Configuration

Proper root configuration also helps to amplify the reach of designated consoles. Particularly, the dual root function allows the linking of two switches, which produces twice the amount of output. Instead of the standard nine console configuration, you are then able to configure eighteen different consoles. Such abilities are ideal for running multiple displays, such as in a control room.

There are a number of other perks that come along with matrix switches, but the efficiency that they bring is monumental, especially in business settings. The matrices help to reduce costs, provide more power using fewer devices and increase the reach and abilities of the consoles being used. With such abilities it is no question why they are in such high demand. Contact ATEN USA, a quality dealer, to learn more about your matrix switch options.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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