A Panic-Proof Guide to Prom

 From who to go with to what to wear, the decisions that come with attending your prom are plentiful. Would you have more fun if it were a one-on-one romantic evening, or would you enjoy the party more if you went with a big group? Should you take the plunge and wear that bright red number you've been eyeing, or play it safe (and risk looking like half your class) with that dress that you found in the mall? Ever-Pretty’s Perfect Prom infographic helps simplify the hard stuff about attending prom, from how to ask the right person to how to wear your hair. It’s entirely too easy to get caught up in planning the fun side of things, such as where to take the pre-prom pictures and where have the after-party – and that’s why the infographic also offers a simple, easy-to-follow pre-prom timeline with tips on everything from when to test-run your hairdo to when to nail down transportation. There are few other nights in your life when you’ll pose for this many photos, so utilize the infographic’s classic and timeless style tips to make sure you’re camera-ready. It’s one of the most memorable evenings of your entire adolescence, so take the time to plan accordingly so that all you have to do on the big night is show up, dance your tail off, and have fun with your friends.

  The Perfect Prom | Ever-Pretty Infographic
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  1. My daughter will be going to prom next year. I missed mine, so I am really looking forward to hers!

    1. I am not so much into the high school dances back then, but like you, I will be looking forward to my daughter's.

  2. So glad I am done with this stage. Getting the dress, wait up at night. Threatening speech before sending her off...ha ha

  3. This is great! I don't have a prom, but I'm sure something like this would have been very helpful to me. I'll be sure to show it to my friends who do have a prom. It's a life saver, thanks for sharing.

  4. Well....I've always seen that Prom is really a big thing in the US...here in my country is not so important :)

  5. This is a great infographic. One that should be shared with all those that are going to prom this year or whenever! Great post! cheer

  6. What a great resource for those that are going to prom, as well as, those parents out there that have children going.

  7. Gorgeous! I'll have my prom on june 28 and I'll be following these tips! I think I'll choose to accent my eyes with black and white eye makeup with nude lips. Awesome article!


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