Why Juicing With a Blender Not so Good

blade strainer of a blender
Juicing with a blender is messy. The biggest clean-up job is getting rid of the non-juice part of the vegetable or fruit. Also, if the color is strong, it will stain the sink. I am lucky that the red color came out of our sink, but it needs to be rinsed or wiped immediately.
There is a big mess with your hands too, constant rinsing it at the faucet to make sure you're not touching something else with already the colored hands.
You don't get a lot of juice either.

We found some beet juice at Wholefoods and the price was pretty reasonable. But if you drink more than one a week, it isn't reasonable anymore. I know, I am one of the few people who feels bad about spending money. I have to force myself sometimes to buy and spend because I need to be careful about turning into a prune or a grumpy old lady.

After this experience, I decided to get a reasonable juicer. That will save me time, cleaner & easier process. And get all the juice that I am supposed to get from the vegetable itself.

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