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Keeping House Clean Easily

Many people think that keeping a house clean is hard work. It’s not necessarily hard work, but it does require diligence. Make cleaning the house a daily task. When it’s done in this way, the cleaning process is much easier, more thorough and it takes less time in the long-run. When things pile up, it takes a great amount of time to get them clean again. Taking a damp mop across the floor a few minutes a day may take about an hours-worth of time by the end of the week. However, sweeping and mopping the entire house by the end of the week can turn into hours of cleaning. The same holds true for any other type of cleaning chore. There are other ways to keep the home clean as well.

Load the dishwasher as it becomes necessary. Allowing dishes to collect in the sink will take twice the amount of time needed than if they’re placed directly into the dishwasher. If a dishwasher is not available for use, washing dishes right away can also save time. When dishes are allowed to sit, the food on them becomes crusted on. This means that dishes will have to be soaked and scrubbed when simply wiping them off with a rag or sponge would have sufficed earlier in the day. Put dishes away before washing others or run the dishwasher at night when everyone goes to bed. This will make it possible to put dishes away promptly in the morning. In the colder months, it will also help keep the home warm, which can save on heating costs.

Delegate responsibilities to other household members. Think about what needs to be done and how often. Divide these responsibilities amongst all of the household members. Keep a check-off list to see what has been done and what hasn’t. Encourage children with an allowance or take away privileges if responsibilities aren’t being met. Even small children can handle sweeping or taking out the trash. Every little bit helps. In this manner, the house will be perpetually clean and each household member won’t have a heavy burden of cleaning alone.

Hire a maid service to do extra deep cleaning. A reputable maid service, such as Maid Right, cleans extensively to remove dust, debris, allergens and other substances that can hide in nooks and crannies. Consider all of the possibilities in cleaning the home to keep it efficient. The home will stay beautifully clean without hassle.

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  1. I do often have trouble keeping my home clean. I do what I can, but most of the time I tend to end up failing on that regard. I'm not a really clean person in many ways, but I do like to keep clean as much as possible.

  2. Great tips. I know I could afford to learn some new skills on how to properly clean my house, as it's sort of become a mess these days. I try to clean, but I tend to just be overly lazy. I will try to clean my dishes this way from now on instead of letting them pile up.

  3. For sure the best thing is to get the whole family into it. I hate doing all the work on my own, and my wife and kids hate doing chores, but if we all worked on it, it'd be a lot easier to get done and over with.

  4. Owning a diswasher makes things so much easier. It just adds to the help really and makes things go a bit faster. As for the other chores. My roommates and I split up responsibilities among each other. I do the laundry mostly and do some of the dishes on certain days, while my roommates clean the bathroom, kitchen etc. I also clean the living room and so on. Equal work.

  5. I go for the maid option. Once a month to do the major cleaning like all the bathrooms and mop the floors.

  6. When I clean, I deep clean. However, I'm not too good at keeping it that way. You shared some great tips that I will definitely keep in mind. I like your idea about dividing different responsibilities to different family members. I think that's the best way to get things done quickly and effectively. When it's all up to you, you eventually get tired and stop working as hard. If everyone only has a couple things to do, it can be done well and in a timely manner. Awesome!

  7. Cleaning can be a pain in the neck, but if you keep a regular schedule it becomes a little easier to handle. I tend to clean about 15 minutes in each room and then move to the next. In a matter of a couple hours, the house is "cleaned" just that little bit helps.

  8. Dishwasher, great tips! I also do the same with the clothing. Once the washer is full it gets turned on, rather than let the clothes pile up.

  9. i love these tips (!) It is so straightforward and practical.

  10. Thank you for the day-by-day list! I'm going to actually try it!


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