Great Technology Makes Powering Planes Easier

Getting enough energy to power a airplane turbine has always been a challenge that engineers have spent significant time on. After all, it is extremely challenging to incorporate enough power without also sacrificing on weight. The good news, however, is that modern technology has gotten much better. This has extended all the way down to power unit engineering. Today, a good ground power unit can give turbines the power they need while increasing engine life over the long term. Given the extensive costs involved with these engines, it is critically important to retain this kind of long-term engine viability.

Ground units provide the advantage of a faster, cooler start. Most of the time, people are having to choose between these units and portable batteries, which can themselves be useful in some situations. However, with 28.5-volt starts provided by ground units, turbines receive the benefit of a cooler start. Likewise, there is less difficulty in getting things up and running. This helps to keep planes on schedule, and can reduce the maintenance costs that a plane operator might incur. Many are finding that while ground units might cost more up front, they provide significant long-term benefits in the cost area.

Another distinct advantage of these ground units is that they can help to increase engine life over the long term. Because the start is cooler, and because it is faster, the engine is under less stress. These engines are generally quite hearty, but like with any engine, they can fail when they are put under long-term stress. Ground units help to alleviate some of this, which can become extremely important for those individuals who want to avoid the unnecessary hassle and expense of having to deal with long-term engine replacement.

Ultimately, many plane operators are finding that if they will simply make an up-front investment in a good ground unit, they can save themselves tremendous trouble both in the interim and over the life of a plane engine. With new technology, it is easier than ever to have a cool, fast start without having to make significant sacrifices in weight. These makes life much easier on those who are tasked with starting these engines. It also leads to significant maintenance benefits, which can be especially important when operating machinery that is very experience to repair. This technology only figures to get better, but with 28.5-volt options now being available, consumers and plane operators have plenty of choice at their disposal.

images credit startpac.com
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  1. Well this is pretty cool. I knew running planes and doing maintenance on planes was a really chaotic thing, but it's crazy how unique it all is. I wonder how many popular airports use this sort of thing, if not, they really should.

  2. I had no idea planes needed such devices, then again I know nearly nothing when it comes to planes. It's really cool that they're making it easier to run a plane with new tech, so I wonder what the future holds for this kind of tech. Can it be used in other types of machinery?

  3. That's very interesting. I never knew there was a device that could make it easier to run a plane. I was wondering, could this somewhat new tech, be used in all kinds of machinery by any chance and not just a plane turbine?

  4. As long as it makes flying safer and more reliable, I'm all for this sort of tech being used. Even after reading it, I still have no clue on what it is used for. If it makes running, fixing and maintaining planes much easier, I'm all for it.


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