Design Tips for Your Ecommerce Site

Design Tips for Your Ecommerce Site

An ecommerce site is a great way to have an online business that people are interested in. When you are in the planning stages of your website, it is important to consider the design of each element at every step in the process. That way, you will be providing your customers with both an easy-to-use website and a great product. 

Focus on the Products

The first web design ecommerce element that should get priority attention is the layout and design of your product pages. This is where the customer will choose to buy or not to buy your products, so you want to make the design as easy on the eyes as possible. The best product page design is simple, has no distractions from the product itself and provides a detailed description of the product. 

Provide Suggestions

Another design element that can greatly increase sales on your ecommerce website is to provide customers with suggestions for additional purchases on each product page. This design element will automatically generate suggestions of other products available on the website based on the current product they are viewing. Many ecommerce site use this type of online sales pitch to increase what it purchased and to make it really easy for customers to find accessories and complementary products to what they are looking at. 

Make Customer Service Clear

With an ecommerce site, customer service is essential. With so many options online to buy products, customers who cannot find your customer service information will not wait around for very long. Instead, they will take their business someplace else. To avoid this, you will want to have your customer service information on every page of your website. It works well to add this information to at top banner on each page. It can either be a link to a full-service page with phone numbers, email addresses and other ways of contact, or it can be in the form of a live chat box. 

These are just some ideas that you incorporate into your ecommerce website design. If you want to know what works best for your customers base, make sure to listen to their suggestions and feedback through customer service channels and social media.
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  1. You always have such good tips here.

  2. I believe my eCommerce site is designed fairly well. I actually just got a suggestions page, where after someone makes a purchase or views a certain amount of pages, it'll show what they should check out. It has worked quite well for me.

  3. The products are key, that's the fact. If the products aren't worthwhile, then you have nothing. That's what a lot of people make a mistake on, they expect their product to be a hit, but sometimes it's not and therefore it fails them. Well, that's only if it's one product, but the other products need to be unique and actually be worth whatever people want to pay for it.

    Customer service is also very key too, because there will be problems. Every business comes with problems, and you just need to be good with customers and fix the problems. Simple as that.

  4. Great tips! I'm considering doing my own eCommerce site soon, but didn't know where to begin, but it's always good to come to Self Sagacity to learn about all the important things when it comes to this sort of thing. Business is what I want to get into and I'm going to. Thanks guys!

  5. Thank you so much for the tips. I am actually always looking for helpful tips like this, especially when I am planning on starting my own eCommerce site, but have no clue on how to begin the process and get in the door. Anyways, this is very helpful and it's going into my bookmarks for sure.


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