Carpet Cleaning The Green Choice Way

carpet steam clean Having a house with light color carpet is like walking on eggshells. And what could be more challenging than having a toddler to add to the punch? Talk about hard to keep up and hard to keep clean!

I love getting my carpet clean, because I like the way the house looks and smells after a visit from the carpet cleaners. I also like that now you can choose to go with the "green choice." My property manager recommends Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn.

There are only a few good carpet cleaners in our area that offers the green choice. Yet the demand for more natural products to be used inside the house is becoming more and more popular. My typical schedule of carpet cleaning is twice a year. So in between the visits I have to keep up with the kids' accidents. I purchased every spot cleaning spray and carpet savers you could imagine. I read about all sorts of tips on how to keep the carpet longer lasting, but that doesn’t save me from running after the spots every time someone spills. It's the dirty truth of having kids and light carpeting.

I do feel great knowing that even for spot cleaning, I can get the environmentally safe for children and allergies.

We've talked about replacing the carpet with hardwood floors. But it is a tough decision as we like to play on the floor with the kids and love the feel of carpet. I am specially happy to know about the green choice cleaning. It makes me feel good about using safe products.
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  1. My dogs are allergic to most commercial cleaners, so I like to see more green options for carpet cleaning!

    1. Interesting. I think most animals are not able to stand any chemicals.


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