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Real Estate Professional's Dilemma 

Over the years of building and establishing a business in real estate, I realized that it takes a lot of organization and maintenance. From managing my listings and keeping track of the client database to customizing the monthly newsletters, these tasks can be time consuming. Maintaining customer relationships is hard work when you don't have the right tools, or platform. All these areas have to work together and complement each other in a way that will save time and money.

Real Estate business can be a long term process. Sometimes people want to buy, but not ready financially or emotionally. On the other hand, at times like those days in the bubble housing era, did the transactions often happened overnight. It's a quite a challenge to keep pace with the different types of clients for different communications when your Real Estate CRM system is so limited.

Archaic CRM System  

The system that I am using right now is old and it's not as automatic. I work with a very flat interface every day, and sometimes it just isn't enticing to log in to it, let alone work in it. Nevertheless, it is a brokers’ tool to search the MLS database and manage our property listings, and that is what we have to live with. I've been looking for a platform, or software that would allow me to do less manual work, and that I don’t have to go to other applications to do everything that I need done.

The Real Estate CRM system we’re currently using only allows us to save searches and mail out generic newsletters to our clients. I would love the option for more automated marketing capabilities, such as the ability to customize emails and send them to certain categories of clients.

Knowledge and Intuitive Real Estate CRM 

One of the items on my wish list for a Real Estate CRM is the knowledge to customize my information in a way that is closer to the way I do business or process my work. I find that we are living in the world of information overload, I continue to receive so much information that it has become annoying.

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The Answer: bpmonline Real Estate CRM Tool for the Real Estate Professionals 

My colleagues have been talking about a platform and a collaboration tool that will allow them to be more productive. The tool has the ability to be integrated with the MLS, this alone is an amazing step forward and beyond a real estate professional’s dream! Any tool that will make the maintaining of your client database and property listings easier gets thumbs up from me! They were very impressed with bpmonline real estate CRM for the tools and options, some of what they had mentioned were the customization and administrative tools, wasn't that what I was wishing for?

bpmonline Real Estate CRM Tools and Capabilities 

Other major capabilities of the bmp'online real estate CRM are: synchronization and integrate email, Google apps, websites, and even the MLS. That’s not all, there are so much more that I am just so excited to try out. Imagine all the tools in one platform is just out of this world, I am so excited to try the knowledge management tool with build in the library that stores articles, leaflets, brochures, and other wonderful resources such as the frequently asked questions. I will especially love the business process management, since one of the most happen hick ups is in the process management. Someone is always not following up and not doing their part, with the bpmonline real estate, my life is just about to get so much better.

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  1. I can only imagine how much work goes into running a real estate business. You have a lot of work on your plate and I surly have never dealt with so much work. Also, to be able to sell houses to people is quite impressive. I wish I had such a skill myself. I wonder if I could become a real estate agent. Could be worth a shot. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's always good to have a good CRM under ones belt, because it can be hard to keep track of all of the customers, especially if you have a huge amount of customers. Having an old system hurts the business as you go on, so it's best to jump into the new systems as soon as possible.

  3. CRM is important in this sort of business, because there's so much that needs to be focused on. I myself don't work in real estate, but the work I do, I need to use a proper CRM to run things and keep things going fine. And it's always good to get into newer and better CRM's.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I've actually been looking for a CRM with a BPM for quite some time now, and this service sounds promising. I'm not in the real estate market, but this should be great for any business that needs a lot of file keeping. Anyways, ways of managing work is getting easier with services like this, that's for sure.

  5. I would love to get into real estate, but I am not sure I ever will. It's good to have an easier way to keep track of all the chaos in said business, but even then I doubt I'd be good in it. Bu then again, I wouldn't know unless I give it a try.

  6. Yeah I don't think I'll eve try out the real estate business, but I can see this CRM program being very useful for my current business. I've been getting a lot of sales as of late and having something like this around could be very useful to me.

  7. This is a really awesome service guys, thank you so much for sharing. It was much needed for sure. I wish I heard of it before, but I can always change the service I'm using now, as it's much less impressive than this, that's for sure. Thanks again!

  8. Oh I've heard of that CRM. A friend of mine is using it for her business and she loves it. She's told me to give it a try with my business soon, but I decided to research it first. Anyways, I came along this article and it has inspired me to give this CRM a try. Bmponline sounds like the perfect CRM for me too, which is great news. Thanks for getting me interested.

    Oh, and Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you all! :)


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