Personalized Halloween Cookie Treats

How Trinity and I made our Halloween treats. We took the short-cut, who says we have to bake?

1. bought cookies at the grocery store
2. grab saran wrap from our kitchen drawer
3. bought ribbon
4. found Halloween tags on the internet, print, cut, and write names on them. Punch a hole on the side. Thread the ribbon through each tag.
5. put the cookies in the saran wrap, tie the ribbons on them.
That's it! Personalized, fun and easy.

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  1. This looks like fun. Very festive.

  2. Oh wow my daughter will love this. I like simple too and I am not a fan of baking goods that much, especially Halloween based, not sure why. Anyways I will give this a try, it's simple, effective and looks like a lot of fun. So I'm all for it.

  3. Sometimes it's just easier to take a good break and buy snacks instead of baking them. The season of Halloween releases some great quality snacks. My wife has made a fair share of cookies for various holidays or special occasions, but this year she can take a break from baking all these wonderful goods.


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