How to Find Cash Fast Recycling Clothes

One way to find cash fast is to trade-in your stuff. In this case, we are talking about clothes. During the high school and college years, my son  has never asked me for spending money. I know he worked at school and earned some pocket money, but I didn't think it was enough for him to buy anything extra. Somehow he's managed to look stylish and able to refused money from me.  He mentioned that he recycles his clothes and shop at the clothes recycling outlets, but I never knew how it all worked until now.

Our schedules align for once in a long time, and I was able to go with him for the first time.
Before he went, he planned his trip. He was very organized, he had tops and bottoms sorted out. He knew which would most likely receive higher bids, and which would not. He knew how much he would get if the people took what he brought there. To me, that was pretty amazing!
I was astonished by the crowd that gathered after we've arrived at the Clothes Recycling outlet. Within twenty minutes, there was a line of about 5 people with their bags of clothes behind us.

Yeah...crazy huh?
The reps were very focused on pricing the clothes and worked intensely. People brought bags, not just a bag.
I couldn't believe that they actually had that kind of money to buy the clothes from people. But after I browsed the store I realized that the clothes were high quality, brand name selling at a discount. So it wasn't your typical thrift shop.
It is a pretty big business apparently.The only thing I know for sure is - if you know how to shop, you will be styling even on a budget.

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  1. Your son is pretty amazing to be able to do this, and such a smart way to clothe oneself for less, with brand names!

  2. There's a lot of online shops I hear doing this as well. I think it's a great idea and if it can give people money back on their clothes, that's a very solid deal indeed. I just wish I jumped at this myself because I have a lot of clothes I'd like to sell, I just doubt they're worth much.

  3. Used clothes can go for a nice amount these days. I've sold off some of my old clothes, and my younger sister would often do the same by buying used closed from thrift stores and shops that sell used clothes, and she's still promote her style and save money doing it. I am not a big fan of purchasing used clothes, but I do like to sell my used clothes, but most of the time I just give clothes away.


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