Yankee Candle Lids to Cute Containers

Re-use- Re-purpose- Candle Lids

If you like Yankee Candles, or candles that come in glass containers and lids, in time you'll eventually have a collection of those lids lying around. Well, maybe you won't, but I do because I just feel so bad throwing away such a great item. Sometimes, they are not even touched after I take them off to light the candles.

So next time you buy a candle container, don't be so quick to recycle the sturdy and stylish glass lids, because I am about to show you how those lids could have very bright usable futures.

These solid glass lids have great depth for storing odds and ends. And you could even use them for sauces in the kitchen. I used one of them this past weekend to put some crumble peanuts in for my Cha Ca Thanh Long- Grilled Tumeric Fish.

The top image is showing a few of the items I've re-purposed my glass jar lids for, shell collections and wine rings. I also have a couple that I put by the sinks to hold my jewelries when I am washing the dishes, or removing them before bed. See below for directions.

Below is how I turned those glass jar candle lids into stylish containers.
  • First, take the glass jar lids off and look for the plastic trims around the glass lids.
  • Use something flat, but strong and pry the plastic trims off the glass jar lids' thread. 
  • Wash the glass jar lids thoroughly, if you haven't washed them already.
  • Put what you like in the neck of the lids and enjoy their use. They are convenient and work well to hold almost any item. 

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  1. Huh, this is pretty cool. I already use the old candle glasses for various things, but I never gave much thought to the lids. My wife would be interested in using them now that you mention it. I have a whole shelve full of these in the garage too, so maybe it's time to start using them.

  2. This totally makes for a cute little container of sorts. I never really thought of using these lids for anything, but I know someone who used them as a form of coasters. It kept cups from spilling and it keeps the table protected from water. I am going to try some of these other interesting ways of using them. I could use something to hold my stuff before bed, as I've lost items because of leaving them out on a table alone.

  3. A great idea! The finish prods are so cute and chic =)


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