Goodwill Scared the Pounds Off Me - Thursday Two Questions #175

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I am not what you called fat, over weight, or remotely heavy. However, growing up in an Asian family with all your sisters being skinny as rails - literally. I am the fattest "recently". So my mom calls me "fatty" like it's my first name. It's okay, in my country it's a loving way to say that I am healthy. Being that I was skinny all my life, until I had to take meds, I gained some extra weight and couldn't exercise enough to get back to what I was before. Being fat led me to painfully let go of the clothes that don't fit anymore. After, all they haven't fit for three years! It took that long because I thought I would somehow lose the weight and need them back.

Well, just when I came to terms with not having them around and gave them away about six months ago, I lost 12lbs! Now, I miss them, but not as much as being happy to be myself again.  

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #174
1) Do you ever stop something that wasn't working, and have it working right after you stopped?
2) What was it and why do you think that happens?

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  1. I know someone in a similar situation as you. They need to take their meds for 6 months a year and gain weight and the other half of the year they work it off.

  2. I haven't really experienced what you have mentioned..am still working to reduce my weight. I guess the stress level goes off when you are no longer concentrating on it so it is easier to achieve.

  3. I hate being overweight even by a small margin, like I am now. Being petite built exaggerates those extra unwanted pounds, but carrying around the the weight puts physical strains on my body, too. I have given away my share of clothes over the years for one reason or another, but I still have several "skinny" outfits I am close to getting back into and hope to do so before summer. That's amazing that you dropped 12 pounds! Yay for you. :) I do not have today's post up yet, but I when I get it done then I'll come back to link up. Thanks for continuing hosting the fun and I am looking forward to teaming up with you soon!

  4. It is good that you feel happy being at the weight you are!

    I still have things in my closet that haven't fitted me for years and needed to let them go!

  5. I have an illness that makes me fluctuate in weight all the time. I don't get rid of anything. My closet is split between "sick" clothes and "healthy" clothes lol. I just rotate depending on how I am feeling.

  6. That's the way it goes, isn't it?? I have had it happen before, but of course now I can't think of an example because I'm trying to. I know it has def. happened though, and easily more than once. :)

  7. Good for you for losing the 12 lbs. I lost weight & threw all my fat clothes away. Well, I donated them, but I didn't keep them :)

  8. same here, my father is concerned so much about my weight too, not that I am fat or obese or overweight, but just that I have gained so much weight since I left him in the Philippines :(

  9. It's funny how life works like that eh.
    And if you figured out that life works like that and try to wait it out, it wont give you the satisfaction :)

    Now I can't remember what it was, but I'm sure that has happened to me so many times.

  10. Ha ha...my dishwasher, last week. It stopped working, so I opened it up, tried to fiddle with it...nothing. Then tried it again an hour later, and it worked...just to have it stop mid-wash. ICK. Then half way through teaching my kids the fine art of hand-washing, I closed the dishwasher just to keep the icky dirty water smell inside, and it started working again. (Yeah...the water drained). Then I had someone come look at it...said the moter was broken so we ordered a new one. My husband tried it out and got one more load out of it, but then on the 2nd load it wouldn't start (thankfully, no water). Ha.

    Well, anyways...funny what you said about being called "fatty"...in a good way. My friend who went to teach English in India for a couple years said she got the same thing--people called her "fatty" but it was a compliment. I've always been skinny as a rail, even after my three kids. My stretched out tummy from the pregnancies just sagged. This last two year, all of a sudden I gained 20 lbs! I don't think I look bad (I used to look anorexic) and like that my stretched out tummy is filled out, but hate wearing jeans now (too tight...even the larger ones, when I sit down. Actually, that was always a problem even when I was skinny, but is only worse now...I would love to find a pair of jeans that didn't pinch at the waist ever time you sat down.)


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