Organize Kitchen Drawer Tip Before After- Thursday Two Questions Meme #164

Do you have a running list of things that you put-off and say "I'll get to it one day"? And all of a sudden that one day 'it got to you'? I had a burning urge to modify my silverware drawer because it was always out of control. I even tried to have small labels on the slots for the guys in the house, but somehow, the compartments overflowed each other, and looked cluttered all the time. The photo doesn't show how cluttered it was because I had straighten it out already but even after the straightening you can see that I still had too many different baskets for different types of spoons, and scoop-ers. The bottom line is that it still needed something else done.

I couldn't quite figure out what the problem with my old silverware organizer was until I got the new organizer. Why? because sometimes we work with the system one way for so long that our eyes become immune to all the problems. The new organizer isn't perfect, but is is much deeper, and longer. I left the tags on it because I didn't want to get stuck with something that wasn't going to work-out.

After a month now, I can say it has actually worked-out! I needed to be able to use the depth of the compartments to stack more spoons, more forks, more knives and more chopsticks. It solved the one problem of overflowing silverware from one slot to the other that made the drawer less messy looking.
*Tip: I learned a valuable point from this exercise: all the vertical/height spaces are wasted because the standard organizers are not made deep in height. From now on, I will try to look for more storage space by observing the height of the drawers and cabinets in my kitchen, closet and cabinets.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #164
1) Do you have a "system" of organizing your silverware?
2) When was the last time you change something in your kitchen?

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  1. Guilty here, the last time I organized silverware was years ago I could nt remember but I do check on the arrangement on a regular basis so I wont have to work big time

  2. It looks great now! I try to organize it once in a while, and pinch myself to let things go when it become too much. Glad it worked out for you :-)

  3. This looks great! I need to learn to organize things in my kitchen like this! Thanks a lot for hosting and have a great Thursday.

  4. I use organizers for my kitchen cabinet drawers, too. From time-to-time things still get out of place and I'm forced to tidy things up. The big problem is I don't have enough drawers to properly store things. What it all boils down to is there aren't enough cabinets or counter space in this house. THIS will be amongst my top decision makers to go into my dream house one day. You just can not get enough cabinets & counter tops in a kitchen, in my opinion.

  5. When it comes to space, I find that getting small containers like you got, really works. I prefer to pick them out myself so I can make them work in my space.

  6. Drawer organizing is a must in order to keep a kitchen fully functioning properly. You are inspiring me to go redo mine!

  7. your drawer looks organized now!

    I am actually in the middle of my kitchen organizing which was on halt due to some christmas awesomeness!
    My last organized space that was done in my kitchen was last month.

    thanks for stopping by at my blog and for the follow, i followed you back on g+!

  8. My silverware drawer is in desperate need of organizing so thanks so much for this!

  9. Love it! I just redid the junk drawer and man is it nice to reach right in with out fear ... lol


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