Need Your Help Click the Red Like Button Thursday Two Questions #152

Hello everyone!

I am hoping someone reads my blog...and this is a test to see whether anyone does or not. LOL. I thought I would seek your help for a very simply task. My son is submitting his travel video for a contest. He is seeking to get to 3000 likes within the week. Currently, we are at 30 now. Yes, we need a lot of help…

If he wins, he will be put into a pool for another contest. Yep, kids are crazy…but the best thing that will come out of this endeavor is that I will be able to share tips on some of our most recent travel to Asia; Viet Nam, Singapore, and Thailand. Of course, if he wins, he will be committed to do more video editing and compiling to share with us. Yay!

So if I may ask, please click on the video link below and click the red like button. Please feel free to send this video along to anyone, your co-workers, family, and friends. I really appreciate your help.

Merci’ Beaucoup, Cam On, Khob-kun-Ka, Thank You!

Steps1: Click the link - contest ended.
Step2: Click the Like button that is on the webpage from the link.
That's it!

 The LINK: contest ended.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #152
1) Have you ever entered any video contest?
2) This is a re-post, but thought it could use more time. And have a wonderful weekend. Thank you.

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  1. That was easy! I love seeing kids dream big! Good luck!

  2. Good luck to your son, and hope he'll win :-)

  3. already liked, yesterday, from Icy's link in FB, todat, here in your blog, hope I remember to like again tomorrow :) good luck to your son Amanda

  4. Amanda,

    I did it! I think this is really cool and Dustin did a great job piecing the video together. I think that kid may have a future in doing this sort of thing - very creative kid...oops, young man! ;) I sent out a tweet and posted this on my personal FB page asking folks to help your son.

    Thanks for hosting T2Q!


  5. I wish your son all the very best. I enjoyed watching the video and I have voted for him. I have never entered a video contest. Actually I only learnt to make a video with my camera recently! Thanks for hosting.

  6. I have never enter a video in a contest..and I enjoy this one a lot, especially when he got sticky on the water slide. Oh and the food, the food looks tantalizing!

  7. Done. I thought I commented here before, but maybe I saw it somewhere else? In any case, I did like it and I'm happy to share too.


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