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Sad Music Can Help Boost Healthy Tears

When I am feeling down, music cheers me up. Sure it makes me feel more - pain, but psychologically it soothes my feelings too. When a sad song or sad music describes how I feel, it is actually more comforting. It is like being able to get in touch with that feeling that no one can understand but you.

There are some fantastic sad music and song that are so beautiful. Sad songs or sad music can help boost some healthy tears. Shedding tears can feel better than feeling sad. Have you ever laugh with tears? It's interesting because when you laugh with tears it almost feel good rather than bad.

A little summary about the health benefits of crying and tears from: Judith Orloff, M.D.
Crying is a breakthrough, a courageous way to heal depression. Crying stimulates the production of endorphin. Crying is like the body’s natural pain killer and “feel-good” hormones.

The Benefits of Healthy Tears
Our bodies produce three kinds of tears: reflex, continuous, and emotional. Each kind has different healing roles.
a) The first kind is reflex tears, which allow your eyes to clear out particles when they’re irritated by smoke or exhaust.
b)The second kind is continuous tears and they are produced regularly to keep the eyes lubricated--these contain a chemical called “lysozyme” which functions as an anti-bacterial and protects our eyes from infection. Tears also travel to the nose through the tear duct to keep the nose moist and bacteria free.
c) The third kind is the emotional tear. Typically, after crying, our breathing, and heart rate decrease, and we enter into a calmer biological and emotional state.

The Health Benefits of Tears
  • Tears lubricate your eyes
  • Tears remove irritants
  • Tears reduce stress hormones 
  • Tears contain antibodies that fight pathogenic microbes 
  • Tears help us process the loss so we can keep living with open hearts. Otherwise, we are a set up for depression if we suppress these potent feelings. 
Here are Thursday Two Questions #146:
1) When you are sad, do you rather listen to sad music or happy music?
2) What does sad music do for you? (besides makes you feel sad, sad music soothes me and comforts me)
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quote taken from http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/emotional-freedom/201007/the-health-benefits-tears

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  1. though I love listening to music, but somehow, when I feel sad, I listen to the music of the pounding waves of the ocean, it helps pacifying me a lot, and yes, I cry out with tears flowing too, once I am in the sea, somehow, the ocean's waves so strong in strengthening me back.

    1. The wave sounds are very relaxing and comforting to me too. I get the idea of being beat up by the waves to make you feel stronger. lol

  2. Usually, when I'm sad I don't listen to anything. However, sometimes I will play music and I plug in tunes that upbeat.

    Sad music can relax me, too, but it can depress me - especially if I'm already sad.

    Thanks for hosting!


    1. True about the increase in depression, but there is also a saying that when you reached bottom, there is no other way but up. So that is my philosophy. It works for me.

  3. 1. Amanda, great post. For me music is therapy both happy and sad. When I am sad, as I've been the last couple of weeks, the sad music has helped me like a warm hug. The same with movies. Tear jerker dramas are what I need when I'm feeling this way. I watched Love Story the other night which I haven't seen for decades, but it was the perfect movie to drown my sorrows.

    1. I hope you will soon feel better. I saw your post, I don't know what is going on, but sometimes when I am planning something or have multiple things going on, I feel like that tattered rooster too.

  4. My daughter (teen) enjoys a good sad song now again.

    1. Yes. I think teens go through this drama stage that nothing can express how they feel other than really sad, and destructive music.

  5. Hi, this was very inspiring today. Thanks for hosting. I hope you enjoy my blog post. :)

    1. I did enjoyed your post Mary. Thank you. I hope to help people look at the other side of everything. Tears are good and they are healthy, just let them flow.

  6. Very interesting and informative. I have a tendency to turn off the radio when I hear sad songs. However I must admit that when one feels to cry and try not to it makes you feel worse. Once you cry you feel better. I have proven this so many times throughout my life. Thanks for hosting. I have added a link as well as linked up my post to your Meme. Have a good weekend.

    1. Awesome. Most of my sad points usually get lifted after I torture myself with sad music. :-)

  7. Now I understand why I loved to listen to music when I was sad in my teenager years. After a good cry, I felt much better!

  8. I love listening to music when I am sad too...the sentimental ones always make me feel so blessed to have so much love in my life...when I cry with the melody it somehow makes me feel lighter...sometimes drama brings out the joy in my heart :)


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