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Ductless Air Conditioning: Smart Choice

ductless air conditioning unit with remote control
Summer is great. You know how I love the heat, but everything has its limit. There is only so much you can bear when it is hot and stuffy. My workshop is sort of detached from the house so there isn’t any air duct to cool off the room. It just so happens that SO stopped in my workshop a couple of days ago around 10:30am to deliver a message and couldn’t believe how warm it already was.
He brought up the ductless air conditioners and said we should look into installing one for my shop. It was only moments after that we realized we were thinking exactly the same thing. He mentioned that the LG ductless air conditioning system is easy to install and doesn’t require any ductwork, so it would be perfect for the shop. Another feature that makes it perfect for a workshop is the manageable controller for the unit. Turn it off when it isn’t in use and turn it on when you need it.

I realized not everyone has the luxury of air conditioned workshops, but it is easy to convert your space into a cool and comfortable room with the ductless air conditioning units. I just needed that little push and a fresh set of eyes to assess the situation. I thought it sounded great and couldn’t wait to check into a ductless air conditioner.

And come to think of it, the idea of a having a cool workshop might be new to me, but the air conditioner system isn’t. We have used the ductless air conditioners in my sister’s vacation home. She has a four-bedroom house and has the units interconnected to one central compressor. There is a controller in each room. In many ways, it is a very sensible way to use air conditioning. The units can be adjusted to run only in the areas that needs cooling. I believe the AC system in my sister's vacation home also turns off when it senses that there is no one in the room for a certain amount of time.

If you have a workshop without ducts and or are looking into an alternative air conditioning system that can be controlled by units, then read more information about the ductless airconditioning systems. Some of the best features of the ductless air conditioners is that they cool quickly, and are so versatile.

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  1. hmmm, that sounds so good, would look into that too, that easy turning off/on and easy install looks very attractive

    1. I like that I can control the temperature in certain areas. Sometimes there is only one person in a room and the cooling doesn't need to work that hard to bring down the temperature.

  2. This is all new to me, so it's good to know!

    1. I love learning about things that work too =. I think the ductless air system can be a plus in many ways.

  3. We recently looked into these when our upstairs a/c unit broke. I found this very intriguing!

  4. I've never heard of ductless ac. But it would sure be nice! There are definitely some days that I am very thankful we have ac!

  5. This seems to be one of the best air conditioner at such an affordable price. I am using air conditioner from last many years.


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