Self Sagacity's Top Commenter Contest #11 Winner!

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It gives me great pleasure to announce Self Sagacity's Top Commenter Contest #11 Winner! Every quarter since the date of Self Sagacity's inception, I ran a Top Commenter Contest. The person with the most comments within the two-week period wins an *ad space on Self Sagacity. The rules are simple, because you are already doing them. Everyone is welcome.
This eleventh commenter contest ran from February 17th to March 3rd, 2013. An announcement was posted on the side bar under Self Sagacity's Message Board. If you would like to participate click this link to learn more about Self Sagacity Top Commenter Contest. Self Sagacity's Top Commenter Contest #11 Winner is:
Cathy from Cathy Kennedy's Blog

I launched the Cathy Kennedy's Blog, a not-so-catchy blog title, but one that bares my name in 2010.I had no clue what I was doing. Google, my Internet research buddy, left the impression this was a very important first as a newly published (my first and only) children's book author - learn more, here. I was quickly amazed with how people, fellow bloggers like you, who I didn't know just welcomed me into the Blogosphere community. A place, I feel quite at home in today.

If you are new to my blog, then you'll notice my profile says, I'm the girl next door. I like to think of myself, as a friend to all. I do a lot of blog hops. I use these opportunities like a spring board in creating original, tailored posts reflecting my personality through music, photography, chit chats, and humor. The thing I am trying most to achieve through my writings is to leave you with the sense that you have known me for years, like childhood friends or even sisters. I hope you will decide to come by & sit with me for awhile where my door is always open at Cathy Kennedy's Blog!

If you don't yet know about Cathy Kennedy's Blog, click on over and check-it-out! It feels great to announce the winner of Self Sagacity's Top Commenter Contest #11 today.
Running this contest has been the way Self Sagacity chose to celebrate the monumental periods of Self Sagacity.com.
  • If you haven't taken advantage of this opportunity, I invite you to participate on the next contest period. Even if you only had one day to leave comments. It doesn't matter how you do it, just try it.
  • This contest is open to new and repeated visitors. If you have suggestions for process improvements, please send me an email, or leave a comment below.
*Ads runs for one quarter, or until the next contest winner.
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  1. Thank you, Amanda for featuring me! This is a real honor for me.:)

  2. Congrats to Cathy. I guess I need to comment more. Pretty cool!


  3. P.S. Since you always follow back, I need to be following you. DONE. :)


  4. That was nice of you to award Cathy with Commenter award!! Hope you will be able to stop by WW this week
    Miniature Purses WW w/Linky

  5. Cool! Very creative of you! Congrats to Cathy

  6. Thanks for hosting. I'm following you via Networked Blogs.

  7. This is one thing that helps you stand out. Congrats to Cathy.


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