Hpnotiq Primps Me for NightOut

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Untitled-6Family life is great! We are constantly on the go and so busy that we don’t always have time for our friends. But every once in a while, girls, ladies, women need time to bond in our girlish ways, like a girl's night out. It has been a long time since my GFs and I get together.

One of our New Year resolutions is to make sure we get together atleast a few times a year. I can’t wait to have a few hours to just let our hair down music up! But, there is one little problem: I haven’t been out for a long time so I have no idea how people dress now a day. What are the in styles? How do they wear their hair to go on a night out? Wow, when you are out of the scene for such a long time, it can be overwhelming.

I was so glad that one of the girls told me about Hpnotiq. This is where a girl can find all kinds of information about primping. Getting ready can be a chore when you are clueless, but Hpnotiq's website gave me so much insight. Everything I needed to know to help me get ready before hitting the town. It is a one stop to shop for beauty, fashion, style and even music tips!

I am very excited about trying the new tips that I've learned on the Primp & Prep website! The best thing is, no peer pressure. Choose what I like and customize the tips to fit my personality. I love the cocktail recipes section, well you should have guessed. You've got to check-it-out for yourself and stop asking me for ideas. Just kidding. Who knows, you might even be able to help other friends that never seemed to know what to order for drinks.

Additional Info about the Hpnotiq’s website:
• Great at home cocktails and drink recipes.
• Style, fashion and beauty tips: Our target of 21-25 year old
women aspire to look and feel like celebrities when they go out,
i.e. Kelly Rowland, Blake Lively, etc.
• Music: Music and dancing is a big part of the Hpnotiq
consumer’s lifestyle. Primp & Prep will include a Pandora music
player for them to listen to popular dance
songs while getting ready to go out.
• Guys: The site will also feature tips on how to catch the
attention of the hottie across the bar , what to do / what not to
do, etc.

You must be 21 years or older to drink alcoholic beverages and as always, please remember to drink responsibly

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  1. Thanks for visiting Amanda's Books and More! I checked out your Princess Cake post with the beautiful cake. My daughter, Amanda, turns 5 in February and I love birthdays and birthday cakes! I'm now following on GFC and Twitter.

    1. Thanks Christina! That's awesome, we have girls around the same ages!

  2. Girls need time to themselves from time to time.

    1. As a mom, if I decide to go out on the town with the girls, I'd definitely need this!

    2. No doubt! I can't remember the last time I had a girls' night out.


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