Lucie is San Francisco’s Matt Brooks’ Next Big Passion

Matt Brooks of San Francisco is an avid sailor and outdoors man. A sailor since the age of 12, he has owned and been a member of dozens of sailing teams. His latest foray into sailing is with Lucie, an 81-year-old 6 Meter racing sloop.

Lucie was designed in 1930 by Clinton Crane. She was built at Nevin Yard in New York on City Island, and was completed in 1931. She was commissioned by famous sportsman Briggs Cunningham, and was named after the sportsman's first wife, Lucie Bedford Cunningham Warren. Lucie was the only Crane design to stay in competition after 1936 and past World War II.
She also carried a unique nickname, “Stork,” because her original forward cockpit crew all became fathers in 1940. Lucie competed well into the 1950s and won races against vessels half her age and with greater technology. Briggs Cunningham won the Amercia’s Cup in the 1958 and was featured on the April 26, 1954 cover of Time Magazine.

 In 2011, San Francisco’s Matt Brooks purchased Lucie and restored her. In the short time Lucie has been back in competition, she has won the 6 Metre international World Cup in 2011 and the European Championships in 2012.

Her owner, Mr. Matt Brooks, is an experienced climber, guide and the holder of a plethora of aviation records. A long-term officer and board member of the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) and Certified Mountain Guide, Brooks founded Brooks-Range, a small mountaineering equipment company which produces a selection of innovative, top-quality backcountry gear for professional mountain and ski guides, alpinists and backcountry travelers in 1995. Matt Brooks’ San Francisco company was started to provide the specific needs and products that were not being met for professional guides by other equipment and supply companies. Originally sold only to professionals, Brook-Range products are currently making their debut in the retail market. Post linked to:
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  1. Wow..this is a fascinating story and info! I am glad he is expanding his products to different levels of consumers..

  2. I think it is pretty incredible how Matt Brooks has so many talents. I have no clue about sailing what so ever.

  3. We do have so many talents and just need an outlet and a bit of help to get them working.

    I would love to go sailing sometime and learn a few things along the way.


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