4G Internet On-the-Go or Home Wireless Connection

What would we do without the internet? We would be less capable with limited knowledge. But more importantly, internet service needs to come with great options and clear-cut fees. The simple deals at www.clear-internet.com made it easy to understand. Choose from basic home, fast home or on-the-go internet connection. It is that clear.

When you think of the internet coverage, what comes to mind? Do you see yourself and your laptop, or a device plus some sort of connection? Now, imagine yourself anywhere with a device, on the beach, in the car – as a passenger of course, at Grandma’s house, you can be anywhere and be connected with just a USB stick. No longer are you bound to the modem, the router, the phone jack, or the cable wires just to have internet connection.

You don’t have to wait until you get home to do research on that one item, or subject. The hot debate you were having can be resolved right then and there, just plug in the USB wireless connection  and a wealth of knowledge is at your fingertips. There are some people who still have home phones and a mobile phones, but, the majority of my friends have done away with their home phones and have adjusted to living with just the mobile phones. Additionally, with more businesses going to scanning and emailing, there is no need for a fax machine. Life is going paperless whenever possible.

Now that we are on the mobile thought process and on-the-go idea, it shouldn’t surprise you to think of the possibility of on-the-go internet. Yes, losing the home internet connection, if your lifestyle is adaptable with mobile wireless, you could save tons of time and be even more efficient.

Does it make sense to you? It is just like the home phone idea. You have a laptop, and that laptop won’t operate without you. So wherever you are, your laptop will be able to connect as long as the internet is with you. Have it turned on when you need it and off when you don’t need it, or just have it on all the time. It doesn’t matter, because it is unlimited, with one price. Yet, what does matter is the idea that you have mobile internet connection. Go anywhere, be any place where there is coverage, travel light with fewer wires and have the internet at your side.

There is more to cover on this subject, such as the personal hot-spot, and tethering, but we’ll save it for the next post. Thanks for stopping by today.
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  1. Okay now, this interests me. I pay a huge phone bill just to have my laptop connected to the modem and I don't even use a home phone. I use my cell phone. I have been wanting to discontinue my phone and internet service because I hate AT&T. This could be a solution but I have to learn more about it. Plus, I never take my laptop with me so I would just use it at home. I'll check the link you provided. Thanks, Amanda.

    1. Jo, I don't have a home phone and do not use ATT. I've been down that road and would not want to deal with it again. Just the cell for calls and wireless internet, and it is wonderful to chop that phone bill, especially when we don't use it.

  2. I know your brother is looking into this option..it would cut down the need to pay double at two places. Will let him know soon!

  3. I remember when I first began blogging how much I wanted to have on the go internet when I had to unplug and leave my gadget at home :)

    1. I had on the go internet for a few years now and just love it! It is very convenient and it is worth every penny.


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