Thursday Two Questions #102 Camping Love

Another week of scheduling and shuffling schedules to make room for this weekend's big Labor Day event. We are not much of the holiday get away kind of family, because it is usually too congested everywhere. However, this year, we have decided to join some friends on a two nights, 3 days camping trip to far, far away (to us anyways). Well, we are definitely very conservative about...working too hard for fun.

It should be interesting. Although if you recalled my posts on camping to spend Quality Time with the kids, and me trying to get away from electronics and Slowed Down Out of Town , or how SO and I tried to finish the The Unfinished Business, from the first moment By Chance We Met. Yet, we have not been able to relive that wonderful night or the excitement that came with it, because the last time we went camping we were very disappointed by the Visitors from the Woods | Campsite #75 New Brighton State Beach.  Nevertheless, we are taking another chance. So wish me luck! Have a wonderful week and weekend everyone. I will miss having the internet.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #102
1) Have you ever gone camping and how long was the longest camping trip?
-for me, lame but most was two nights.
2) Has anything beyond normal ever happened on one of these trips?
-for me, it was meeting my SO, attacked by raccoons, and Trinity sprang her arm.

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  1. My first time camping was in Yellowstone many years ago. I could hear the wolves howling at night. Pretty cool!

    Another good time was at the foot of Mt. Whitney. I camped out, then got up at 3am to start hiking so I could hit the summit before noon.

    I have so much camping equipment, but no time to use it now!

    1. The last time we camp, I couldn't sleep at all. I was cold, scared and freaked out! I couldn't wait until morning.

  2. My one and only vacation ever was taking the kids to a church camp. We spent the entire rainy week sleeping in tents, but I would never trade it. My ex destroyed (deliberately) two rolls of film so we have no pictures and my oldest daughter brought home (unbeknownst to me) some salamanders in her luggage. BTW they do not pack well. I hope you have a fantastic time!!

    1. Me too! I going to try to be sleepy and tire every night so that I can sleep through all the noises. I pray I can sleep.

  3. 1. Yes. The longest was 5 days.
    2. Girls Scout camping when I was in 2nd year high school. It's when my dad was there everyday! It's pretty embarrassing. I consider that beyond normal.haha

    1. Wow, 5 days, I might turn into the walking dead, or zombie. I haven't been at a camp that long.
      Oh yeah, I can't imagine. My sons are almost over the "please mom" thing...but there is still a little embarrassment here and there.

  4. my last camping was during my girl scout days :( and that was a loooooong time ago :(

    i could no longer remember much what happened beyond normal other than talking about our crushes if the camp is boy scouts and girl scouts altogether.

    1. So we have two girl scouts here. How fun is that? I think my scout club is co-ed most of the time. smiles.

  5. I rarely go camping and the last time was during a group tour to the Australian dessert. Nothing really interesting happened but the scenery was really awesome.

  6. It depends, for fun or work? I used to direct Girl Scout summer camps in GA and AK. So if for work, six weeks but the tent was on a big platform so I wasn't sleeping on the ground. About a week for fun.

    Lots of interesting things but I'll keep it short. Bears in the area, moose in the campsite, waking up to an Arctic squirrel staring at me, hearing wolves in the distance, and snow. Then there was the tornado that came through one night. My life has become really dull since I stopped tent camping. LOL!

  7. Well, Amanda, I am not a camper. I have camped less than ten times in my whole life.

    The best were the ones when the kids were not grown up. Once when they were babies with diapers washed in the cold clear mountain streams to teenagers who accomodated Dad with a 'fishing camping trip' to the lake.

    Once I camped in a hotel with a bunch of guys and our high school ag teacher. The teacher slept in the bed but we all had to sleep on the floor. It was for the state FFA meet. I was to be our weed seed expert for judging but I came down with the mumps. The rest came down with them after they got home, including our teacher.

  8. On our first wedding anniversary, we went back packing/camping with another couple. The guy worked with DH. Anyhow, I had NEVER done anything like this before. My camping experience prior to this was in my best friend's yard or at the local state park with the Girl Scouts.

    The first evening, we pitched our tents in the campground, then early the next morning we hit the over-night hiking trail at Fall Creek Falls, which is west of Knoxville a couple of hours. We hiked half the trail which was about 6 or 7 miles up and down a gorge. My pack weighed about 20 pounds and I felt every ounce of it. By the time we got to our camp site, I was dead exhausted. I don't recall doing much of anything. As soon as DH had the tent up, I climbed in to rest while the men built the fire.

    I passed out into a deep, deep coma-type sleep. I was so sound as sleep that I woke up suddenly when I heard a phone ring loudly.bvI bolted upright and looked around. Where was I? Oh yes, in the woods. But, what about that phone? Couldn't be. The only phones around were miles away back at the Ranger station (this was before cell phones).

    Groggily, I climbed out of the tent and told everyone about my crazy dream over our fireside dinner. One more thing I remember was from this same trip I couldn't eat a single thing, even though I was hungry. All I wanted was a hotdog, so when we got back to the campground we went swimming and bought hotdogs at the concession stand at the pool. Oh yeah, I brought home a hitch hiker from our little trip - a tick was buried into my back. Luckily, DH knew what to do. He touched it with a hot match causing it to lift its head long enough for him to get it off me. I was too tired and sore to care, as I laid on the bed limp as a dishrag. lol

  9. Used to go camping a lot with my family as a kid. Only have taken my kids camping one time. They kept asking to go, but we live in Texas and it's always either too hot, too cold, or too buggy. But when we went back to California we camped in the backyard of my parent's home (which is in the mountains, so it absolutely counts.)

    Can't think of anything unusual happening during camping trips, though I'm sure it did. Nothing paranormal though.

  10. We haven't yet gone camping.
    Maybe sometime in the future with the kids.

  11. 1. we haven't been on a camping trip, though we always take vacation, but haven't got a chance to camp out yet.


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