Playground Fun with Artificial Turf

My daughter’s last day of summer school was today. She stayed on the playground until the teachers came to kick us out. She likes to run and play on the school yard's synthetic-grass, because if she falls, it doesn't hurt as much.  We have mostly cement in our backyard so sitting, or falling wouldn’t feel so good. If we were to install artificial turf, she might just be more anxious to come home!

Come to think of it, there hasn’t been a day when she wanted to leave the school's playground, even after almost ten hours being in school! She still wants to get her time on that nice and soft playground. The artificial turf really makes a big difference, no scraped knees or elbows.

Actually she isn’t the only one that likes playing on the artificial turf, all the kids do. They enjoy the playground because it feels clean and soft. The parents on the other hand are all trying to get home, to prepare dinner, and get ready for the next day. What happens every day is that the parents ended up waiting around mingling with each other while the kids get their fix of play time.

I like the synthetic-grass mainly because there is really no maintenance involved. There is no need to mow the lawn. No worries about the high water bill. The school has the right idea. It is much cheaper to maintain artificial turf then real grass, yet the synthetic-grass keeps the place cool, not hot and hard like cement. They are saving tons of money on the water bill, and water conservation is good for the drought that we often have.
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  1. The playground looks really nice, so no wonder that the kids don't want to leave!

  2. Believe it or not, I've thought about artificial grass, but the thing holding me back is the smell. I don't know how it'll smell after years of rain, snow and sunshine. I'm scared that we'd have to replace it often, at huge costs. It looks great in your pictures, though. I can see why the kids love it.

  3. My kids love it too, and it prevents them from bringing mud and dirt into the house. I'm installing it in my yard next week.

  4. I'm already warmed to this idea! But maybe not everywhere since we do not want a form of Lorax :)

    But I love it.

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  6. The main thing I like most about the artificial Turfs is that No Watering, low maintenance, no weeds, no fertilizers. I hope you must have enjoyed playing in Artificial Turfs.


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