Safe Storage For Keepsakes

Okay, let's be real honest.  As much as I like flaunting the goodies I have bought for myself over the years, I am always so paranoid that one day it will all disappear.  All it takes is one motivated person to break in and take it all. I have put most of my things in safe storage to ensure that it will be there when I need it.  Things like fantastic memoirs, my rings, or my family heirlooms have been tucked away so that we could preserve it for as long as we possibly can.

It's nice to know that there are a handful of things that have value to me whether or not it holds any value in the American economy.  Sweet things such as a drawing from my five year-old sister have just as much value as a couple of gold rings.  I wonder if in twenty years these things will mean anything to anyone else but myself.  Will it even mean anything to me on that time?

I learned that I have to live in the present.  People always said that and I couldn't quite understand what that meant.  To me, it means that whatever you did or whatever you cherish in a certain time can't be disregarded as silly or a mistake.  It meant something to you when you said or felt it.  While it may not mean much to you now, it did at one point.  Live life with no regrets because you did what you did because it was right in that moment.

When you do, your life will be so much more manageable.  Things can always be done differently but just believe that the way you did it was good for you.  The drawing from my sister will always mean something to me because the memory of her being this five year-old hanging me a squiggly crayons drawing of our family can never be replaced.  Safeguard your valuables whether it is in a safe storage or locked away in the confines of your heart.  You never know when you'll want them again.
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  1. I am keeping too many things, and should think about storage space..Getting there though, slowly.

  2. I agree about keeping memories safe.
    I have so much to keep safe and they are just things my children have given me.

    Sometimes I feel to buy a case just to keep it all together.

  3. Slowly getting rid of the excess here. Only keeping what's important or holds dear memories.

  4. I have tons to keep safe! I'm very sentimental...so it's hard for me to depart of anything with meaning. And it's important to store those cherished items properly :)

  5. Interesting to read, my family occasionally watches storage wars and I wonder about abandoned lockers. I have gotten to the point in life where I need to get rid of more than I need to acquire, then when I do toss something sure enough I need what I didn't keep :)


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