Honey, I Have An Idea!

I am ready to do something to my whole house! But, first things first, the kitchen is the priority. Kitchen renovations can be expensive. There are too much time and money involved to not have what you want. The smartest way to spend money on remodeling is to include it in your mortgage. I need to find a mortgage broker who is knowledgeable to help us prepare financially so that we can achieve our dream kitchen.

Every time, I say to SO: “Honey, guess what? I have an idea.” I know his heart skipped the beats. It isn't because he is excited to hear my ideas. It is more like he is holding his breath hoping it isn't some huge idea that will take enormous work. “Oh gees, what could she have in mind now?” My ideas alone can be controlled by me in terms of how grand, but our ideas together can run wild.

Let me give you an example of how small could turn into "le grande." When we first moved to our house, I wanted to get rid of the bushes in our front yard that the critters used as a hiding place / home. The trees were pretty, but they shed all the time and were in the wrong places. They shed so much that our porch would be covered with leaves every day. Our plans together ended up with  the whole front yard ripped out. All the original bushes, trees and plants gone! We got a new paved driveway, new grass, new balustrades, and new palms a year later.

Knowing this about ourselves, we are trying to take it really slow. Above is a photo of the kitchen I am hoping to get as close to as possible after the remodeling work. Yes, together we can turn a small project into grandiose.
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  1. Your dream kitchen looks nice, and I am sure you guys will get it one of these days soon.

  2. That's a nice kitchen! I agree though, remodeling can be a lot of time and work! Good Luck getting the kitchen of your dreams :)


  3. this is such a beautiful kitchen, wishing you the best in turning your project into a grandiose.

  4. Oh, I would love a kitchen makeover. Your pictures are a nice place to start. Love those ideas!

  5. It's very tempting and easy to overspend. Happiness is short lived when your dream kitchen comes with a nightmare mortgage. Your approach of taking it slow seems wise. And that way too, instead of doing everything at once, you will always have something new to look forward to in the coming years.

  6. Beautiful kitchen. Good luck, I hope you achieve what you love for your renovation!

  7. Oh yes, I would totally want a kitchen makeover, but honestly our roof needs more attention. We just don't have the moola.

    I like the kitchen, especially the island.


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