Thursday Two Questions #91 - Can You Be Read?

What makes it possible for someone to be able to read you? Once in my life I met someone that could read me, for me it was refreshing. That meant if I was in a bad mood then this person cheers me up, and if I was not feeling well this person offers help. I don't know what makes it so that this person can read me.
After so many years, my mate probably heard everything and saw everything there is about me. Yet, he can not read me, or maybe for the sake of peace he doesn't want to be able to read me, which is all good, because somehow it all works out.

On the other hand, I can read my mate. I know when his mind is off somewhere else- and even "where, what" it is. At times, I pretended not to know for the sake of keeping peace.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #91:
1) Do you know anyone that can read you?
2) Would you rather be in a relationship where your partner can read you, or that you could read your partner?

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  1. Hi Amanda ~~ Mrs. Jim thinks she can read me when I'm driving. She sort of knows when I am about to do something 'funny' like change lanes like a motorcycle. Or pass someone and cut back in to the front of him because he has cut me off earlier.

    Oh yes, we have road rage in Texas.

    Most of the time I can tell a lie with a straight face. I don't want people to read me. Mrs. Jim, ???

    1. Being able to read you in the car might be scary especially when you can drive like motorcycles, smiles.

  2. 1) No, I don't recall knowing someone who could read me.

    2) I think I want to be in a relationship where I mate could read me, or senses my feelings and thoughts. It would make things easier because when I am angry, I don't want to talk. I want to have time sort it out.

    I am able to sense when someone is not at ease, so it would be nice to have someone with this ability :-)

    1. I think it is a blessing to be able to read someone because you're always on top of things. On the other hand, it is a big responsibility, so you can see why someone would choose not to know...

      One day I am hoping you will have this relationship.

  3. I don't know anyone that can read me beside my sisters. As for my mate, he could read me sometime, but some times clueless until it is spelled out.

  4. Amanda, that is both a blessing and a curse that you can read your mate. I generally can read mine, but when he tries to read me he is so far off that it annoys me. He should just ask instead of tell me how I feel then he will argue with me that he knows how I feel and I don't! I suppose the important thing is that we are trying. It shows we care. :-)

  5. It is beautiful to have that.

    1. I've never been in a relationship where someone could read me and yes I would love to be in a relationship where my partner could read me, or I him, or both. It would make for happier or more contented life I think.

    Happy Thursday.

  6. I am very good at reading people. Very few people are good at reading me. I appreciate being in a relationship where both of us have taken the time to get to know one another and read one another fairly well!

    Have a great week! :-)

  7. Fascinating post. I think my dogs can read me brilliantly. ;)

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  8. I know what you mean about not being read right. I've been married for 26 years, but there are times when I think my husband and I speak different languages.


  9. first, the bouquet of flowers is so beautiful. my hubby can read me but thankfully he has learned to disregard what he reads because i am not comfortable being read :) haha! And since I am not comfortable being read, I try not to read people as well, though I try to be sensitive to their feelings and emotions.

  10. I can be read easily. I'm very open with my feelings, emotions and opinions. My face also is very readable. I'm attracted to people who're like me. I try to pick people in my life who're as open as I am because others frustrate me.

    I love having a husband who's so open with everything. It cheers me up because I know we can help each other when necessary. I feel let down if I find out people close to me have been hiding things from me. I feel like I failed to get involved and help. I also felt like they should've let me see their need.

  11. It's wonderful when we meet people who connect with us on a deeper level and our words and ideas flow together. It happens once in a while and it's great. Otherwise, I think miscommunication is fairly typical in life. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  12. Beautiful and delicate photo with those colors as exquisite and delicious light, I really like those flowers. Greetings.


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