Majorca Holidays Top of My List

This is the time of the year when I don’t concentrate as well as the dark, cold and dreary winter days. The kids are out of school now and they are sleeping in. It's hard to leave for work in the mornings knowing you'll be away from them all day long. On the days that the sun is shining, I often dream about being on one of those majorca holidays. I haven’t traveled much since T is born, but I can't hardly wait to check off my list of  "must go" vacations.

Some of the reasons why I love my last vacation are :
  • I love the feeling of seeing something for the first time.
  • I love the experience of doing something, or living a culture that is totally different from what I am used to.  
  • I love to be surprised in a good way.
If you look at the photos above, (courtesy of ulookubook.com), how can you resist?  The beautiful landscapes and gorgeous blue waters. We kept putting things off, but what is the real reason for living? To experience right? Our famous line: "We will travel when we retire."  But I don't see many people traveling when they retire, do you? I can understand why too. When you are older, your health is not always the best, and sometimes neither is your finances. When the finance stops coming, it won’t be  fun to come home to bills.
So the time is now to take that vacation. When we can actually enjoy it. SO and I hard time choosing whichwill be our next destination. We were thinking of hooking up with one of the sister couple. I think it will be fun with company that we can experience things together. That alone, will be quite an adventure on its own!
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  1. Yes, can we go away to one of these beautiful blue water areas soon? The itch to wander and disappear for a while is so strong I can almost taste it!


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