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Thursday Two Questions #88 - New Roof

Happy early Memorial Weekend and hope you have wonderful plans! We are in for a very productive and aggressively planned weekend. It starts on Thursday night with quotes. We are looking to have our roof done, but pretty confused about which type. We currently have wood shake, and for the new roof, we've narrowed it down to three in the following orders: 1) Tile, 2) Metal, 3) Shingle

Shingle is the cheapest, and tile is the most expensive. To us, the tile roofs look better, but our neighbors have all done theirs metal. We don't want to stand out, but yet, we do want everything we replace to reflect who we are. Really, does it matter?

Every time there is a storm or heavy rain, I would walk out to see that a few pieces of our roof have fallen into our yards. But in those moments, I actually felt comforted and accepting. Almost as if the house was speaking to me, a mutual understanding. Like the feeling I get when I put on one of my favorite T shirts from FoulMouthShirts.com for cheap custom t-shirts. Yes. Weird. I know that I have come to love my home, even with its imperfections. So I will miss seeing the pieces of wood fall off our roof once we replaced it.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #88:
1)  Do you know what type of roof you have on your home? Which do you like most?
2)  When was the last time you have your roof replaced?

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  1. I replaced my mom's roof a few years ago, taking out the old shingles and replacing them with flat tiles. It looks much nicer (more modern) and is fire resistant. My own house has the Spanish tiles, which I love, but they are high-maintenance. Because of the curvy style, they crack easily if someone walks on them to do roof work, and it's usually harder to prevent leaks -- but I love the look.

    1. Yes. I have to agree, those curvy spanish tiles look very provocative. I LOVE them too, but I know they are not easy to maintain nor are they friendly to walk on...so, I am staying away from those roofs like I stayed away from hot-single-passionate guys. Sorry, I had to say that. Smiles.

  2. we have tiles, though we bought our place 2004 but it was not new, we moved in from previous owner and anytime from now, we know we had to do some roof maintenance, though we had it cleaned and checked 2 years ago and we were told they were still perfectly okay.

    1. Luckily you don't have roof calls, they are the least rewarding of gratification in terms of the money we have to spend and the way they make us feel.

  3. We have shingle and had them replaced a few years ago. I hope they last forever as I cannot afford any home repairs at this time. :-)

    1. At one point, that was all the homeowners know in terms of roofs. Shingle does the job for the money we spent, so, it's good...we are now down to tile and shingle - I think.

  4. Our house has Composition Shingles. They came on the house and are cheaper than wood shingles and are pretty much fire resistant. Most of the houses here have them.

    Wood shingles are not allowed as they will burn. Clay tiles are next in popularity here but they are a lot heavier than wood and require beefing up the structure to hold them. A few have slate or metal. The metal cannot be a bright color.

    These came on the house as we bought it new. Our former house we replaced wooden shingles with the composition shingles. Again, there we were not allowed to have wood. The old wooden shingles were getting, well, old and weak. The racoons would pull them out and go into the attic for nesting. That happened quite a few times before we got the roof changed.

    1. Sounds like a great wrap-up Jim. Thanks! We understand all these pros and cons, yet, we are wrapped-up in things that we've heard over the past years from other folks and right now, we are confused!

  5. We stay in an apartment so there is no issue of roofs. When we stayed in a house we used tiles as they seem sturdier.

  6. We don't have a normal roof shaped like an A, our roof goes the other way and is V shaped. The shape gives us very high ceilings throughout the house. We love it. It is a composite roof.

    It has been a long time since it's been replace, before we bought the house. In the next couple of years we are going to have to have it done.

  7. Are you describing my house's condition! I have the same thing happens, and yes I find pieces of my roof here and there after strong wind or storm.

    I have no idea what type of roof I had, and I don't know when it was replaced last. I know it needs replacement badly!

  8. We have shingles on our house, but if I had the house of my dreams then it would have the tin-style roof, perhaps either red or green. I use to think this was only for old-timers because it was so affordable. The sound of the rain falling on a tin roof is so nice. I miss this. I don't believe it's the least expensive roofing these days because it's gotten to be very popular and a lot nice looker than the plain alumimun finish of by-gone days. The tile roofing is really pretty, but I wouldn't like loosing pieces everytime it rained or the wind blew too hard. Plus, it's next to impossible to walk on a roof that has this stuff laid, too.

    Honestly, a person should pick the type of roofing he/she wants because that's what they want NOT because everyone in the neighborhood is conforming. I hate it when everyone does what the next person is doing. That's more of those herds of sheep I was talking about today in my own T2Qs.

    Thanks for hosting!=D


  9. We bought this house four years ago with the roof and it was 16 years old at the time or 20...so it needs a re-roof.

    I hate seeing the shingles on the ground after a storm.

    So we really do want to re do our roof, but the money isn't here as yet.

    I think we'll do metal next time.

    And me, I don't really care what the neighbors think. It's not their roof or budget :)

  10. I've never had my roof replaced in any of the houses we've had (thank God!) However, when we were doing our extension last year, part of the roof had to have some work done because it was a bit worse for wear.

    Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as they originally thought.

  11. I have shingles; we've never had to replace the roof here, but I did have a new roof (also shingles) put on my old house, several years ago. I think tile roofs are beautiful, but so expensive! In the end, you should do what looks good on your home and fits into your budget - let the neighbors change their own roof if they're worried about matching! ;)


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