Trinity the Secret Agent

I can remember vividly the day I took these photos for Trinity. She and I played hide and seek around the play sets. and we had such a great time. The play structures were under the shade so we didn't have to worry about getting too much sun. Every time we go to the park, I wished that we had one of those slide and climb sets for Trinity. Kids grow up so fast that the time we have to enjoy them seems ridiculously short.

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  1. Trinity looks like a pro...Maybe she's got what it takes to be in a spy movie some day!

  2. Haha..this is so cute! She looks just like a secret agent girl :-)

  3. The little sleuth :)

    It's always so fun to roll around in the grass!

  4. Trtinity is so cute, and love your photos of her, very professionally done, you as photog and Trinity as model, or as secret agent.

  5. Expertly hacking through the deep underbrush. Very cute.

    Happy WW!


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