A Pink Watch For Mother's Day

Pink rose watch
Mother's Day is on its way, and I have roughly three weeks left to shop for a present. Since my mom moved back to Michigan last year, I won't be able to just come by and take her out for dinner anymore. This only means that I have to look for a meaningful gift, wrapped, and shipped to get to her on time.

Since my busy schedule doesn't allow for mall wandering, I rely on internet shopping. My mom always has a fondness for a watch, and I believe it gives her a sense of orderly such as she can tell what date it is, or what time to take her medicine.

So far I have nailed down to a Michael Kors Watches ladies watch, which I hope she would like to keep. If not, I can just easily exchange for one that she likes since on this website, there are so many other brand name designers to choose from.

She can even pick out color, style, and choices of stainless steel or gold band! When I show this watch to Trinity, and ask for her little opinion; she agrees that this is pretty for her grandma. It is pink, and pink is for girls like me, grandma, and her!

I will make a final decision within the next two days as I am running out of time. The best thing about this website is their 2nd day FREE shipping on all watches to all the Continental United States!

If you forget that Mother's Day is coming, let me gently remind you to get a move on soon..

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  1. Pretty watch, I bet she'll love the gift & thoughts. The cone flower in previous post is so pretty. I'm glad spring is here. visiting from DearCreatives.com

    1. If it has been approved by Trinity, it's a go. The cone flower has the shades that I love...Thanks for your visit.

  2. that's a pretty watch, she would surely love it !


    1. I like it too, the pink is very unique.

  3. that's a lovely watch, perfect gift for Mother's Day. you've a great eye. :)

  4. If your mother is anything like me she won't be able to see the pale numbers very well or be able to tell what's happening in those little dials without a magnifying glass, I can't make out the little numbers even with my reading glasses on and the watch is much larger than lifesize on my monitor 8)

  5. oh, that is one pretty watch, I hope your mom would love it.

  6. I love a pink watch. This one is beautiful!

    Thanks for stopping by Theresa's Mixed Nuts. I am following you back in gfc :)

  7. this is a beautiful watch...you mom will love it!

  8. That is beautiful. She will love it.

    My mother is in another country. i would love to buy and ship her something.
    I miss her.

    That watch, I'd want in red :)


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