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It is great to know that musicians have a place online they can buy and personalize their instruments. I have always wanted to learn the clarinet. I took a couple of years in high school, but was much more interested in boys.

At musiciansfriend.com, you can choose from a new case for your guitar, to personalizing your drums with Mapex MyDentity, there are endless possibilities. Furthermore, you can find all kinds of accessories for instruments, some I have never even knew existed. Again, thumbs-up for the internet for bringing us the fantastic capabilities.

You can also find used gears on musiciansfriend.com. I remember when I was obsessed about learning how to play the clarinet. (I think I was more obsessed about keeping up with my sister, who was playing the flute back then.) We only had one place in Michigan to go to in the whole city. Everyone went there to buy their instruments. They had what they had, if they didn’t have it, well, you’re out of luck.

At musicians friend.com it is just click away from finding your special gear on the “used gear” tab, and it takes minutes to do the search. You will save a lot of time. The time that you can invest in learning to play the instrument instead of running around looking for the instrument It used to impossible to find that one piece of instrument or accessory, now it is quick and easy with musicanfriend.com, a very musician friendly website.

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  1. That is interesting information to know! Personalize musical instruments is such a great idea..

  2. thanks for stopping by.. this is quite interesting and I never knew it!

  3. Great info! I took clarinet in school but for one day. I was terrible.
    Thanks for the follow, following you back!

  4. the internet has really helped shopping easier these days. hope you have a great weekend, Amanda

  5. My son would like this very much, to have a personalize guitar!

  6. I never played a musical instrument. At 6, my son, now 41, wanted to play the saxaphone, which I loved but, as a single mother, could hardly afford. I tried to steer him toward the flute but he persisted. I got the sax..which he play for a number of years...then he played keyboards for awhile, then settled on classical guitar. It goes most places with him, even to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean on an Air Force assignment.

    I'm home from my four months in India and five day stopover in Hong Kong. Hope to get back to India, though.

  7. I would love to be musical. I was in a band for a few weeks when I was a teenager. I got kicked out because my best friend (at the time) and I used to turn up late then mess around giggling and that sort of thing :-)

  8. oh that's a good idea, thanks for sharing !


  9. Very good information.

    I"m always always always wanting a guitar!!


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