Lawn Care Just Got Easier

Are you ready for a lawn care revolution?For the majority of us, spring fever kicks in as soon as the weather gets a bit nicer and milder. We feel joy to see flowers blooming, trees growing with leaves, birds making nests, and grass getting greener. This is also the time of year when we tend to want beautifying our surroundings.

My list for outdoor chores included taking care of my front lawn since it has stopped growing, and shows many different bald patches. We had two huge trees, thank God for the shade, but they took over and suffocated the grass. It needed to be fed and fertilized.

Upon searching, I came across Scotts.com where lawn care just got easier. It is called the Scotts Snap Spreader System!  Are you ready for a lawn care revolution? All you have to do is put the Snap Pac into the Snap Spreader and it is ready to go.

There is no need to cut the bag, or lifting the heavy bag to pour, and no mess to clean up. The Snap Spreader System will automatically set the flow, and even seal the bag when you are done. The Snap Pac comes in different types for lawn care, such as Lawn Fertilizer, Weed and Feed, Southern Weed and Feed, and also Crabgrass Preventer.

Having a nice front lawn is possible this year for me with this system! Now, if I start dustin off our outdoor patio furniture, I might just have a favorite to hang out on my work from home days.

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  1. I didn't realize lawn was so difficult to take care of until I had my own home, now I opt to try anything that will make it easier.

  2. This sounds like something I should look into..My yard is pretty messed up after this strange winter.

  3. This sounds like something I should look into..My yard is pretty messed up after this strange winter.

  4. Very good information.
    We might get help with our lawn again this year too.

    WE have bald patches in the backyard, but the grass is coming in.

    Now if only we could get rid of those moles!! ugh

  5. Mow less frequently will also encourage a thicker and fuller lawn which will can help prevent crab grass and other weeds from emerging during the heat of the summer.

  6. If you can, mow regularly, twice a week even, so that the grass doesn’t get too long for the lawn mower to manage.
    lawn treatments in Nashville

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this. It is that time a year again where I need to start thinking about my Yard care in salt lake city
    before the desert heat of the summer hits us and it is too hot outside to do yard work!

  8. Thanks for the post. Growing up my dad always used a grass bagger when mowing the lawn but I have always questioned if that was the best for the lawn. Now that I have a house of my own, I have been researching the best ways to take care of my lawn.


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