Keep Your Valuables Safe

It has never occurred to me that one can own a safe bigger  than a 2 drawer cabinet and weight more than 6,000 lbs. If you are curious or need to check one out for yourself, take at peak at Safes AtoZ.    Until a couple of years ago, I thought a safe only came in 2 feet by two feet sizes and didn’t know why would want to own so much steel and heaviness in their home. I wasn't even aware that American Security Safes  could be used to store guns, or other family medias.

Recently, I realized that people have valuables like china or the typical stuff that they collect and buy for keep sake. Unlike me, my valuables now are just tech gadgets and electronic toys.
Being that I live in lala land when it comes to paranoia, it never occurred to me that one might choose a huge safe to keep the safe and the valuables inside from walking off or taking a walk with a burglar. 

It was also recently I learned that many of my acquaintances already owned one. I tell you, when it comes to being paranoid and careful, I am a novice.  I so fail in this department. But now, I learned not to own anything and have anything stored at home that you can’t afford to lose.

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  1. I can see where this would work in a fire...but for just my passports??? naw :)
    I don't have any valuables. gosh Im po. :)


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