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It had been a few desperate and daunting years since I last wore a watch. Not because I didn’t love the watch that I owned, but because it was stolen from me. Those damn burglars! They will never be able to comprehend my feelings of lost. The things they took from me were mostly gifts from my loved ones' sweat and hard-earned savings. They probably sold them for a penny on every hundred dollar. I’ve lost so much…too much.

For the last few years, the only piece of jewelry I wondered whether to replace or not, a million times about, was my stolen watch. I don’t think having a cell phone will stop me from wanting to own a watch. And it won't be anything like what I had, but one of those Invicta watches could be fun! It is very reasonably priced and it wouldn't be something a burglar would want to break-in the house for.

I don’t live luxuriously, so I can’t see me replacing those stolen items, yet I have to live with the guilt of lost as I am writing this. I actually blamed myself for being burglarized. It was my fault that I left my jewelry in my house. I should have worn it with me at all times. I should not considered that my home is a safe place. And I might go to my grave after this life without those expensive jewelries and watch, or that one engagement ring I once had.

I can go into all these deep regrets and horrific feelings when I came home to see that my patio door was wide opened. The creepy feeling of walking up the stairs by myself to find my bedroom turned upside down. Then my bathroom vanity, my closet, and my drawers, everything looked as if a hurricane came through and shredded to pieces. My son’s rooms and my office was a war zone, everything thrown to the floor. I honestly had hoped that someone was playing a joke on me. After all if I was really burglarized, it would meant I will never see these sentimental things I owned ever again, and what is to be of me after that day? Exactly what is happening to me now, I will never own another piece of jewelry that is real ever again. Those damn thieves!

Yes. I haven’t fully recovered, but I am almost there.
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  1. When I was teenager, my parents sent me away to boarding school. There, we were not allowed to have locks on our dorm rooms. My major love back then was music -- I still love it today. I used to spend hours in my room listening to cassettes. These were the days before CDs and online digital music. I built up a large collection of music that I really loved. One afternoon I came back to my room and found it had all been stolen. It was not really worth that much money, but it was more about the time and effort I had put into it. I think whoever stole it just did it to hurt me. I never did find out who it was, but I'm sure it was someone I knew. When I think about it 30 years later, it still burns me up. But all material things are replaceable. People have lost things much more important, like their health or loved ones, that can never be replaced. I feel sorry for whoever has to steal from others in order to make their own lives somehow better.

    1. When you are thankful for what you have of course...like counting your blessings, everything is precious, especially your health.
      But beyond that, I should be mad and upset and not forgive people for being thieves. I am a hard worker and never expect to get anything handed to me. I don't forgive when people take things from me, especially if they used it to buy drugs, and cocciane. If they really want something, they should earn it.

  2. sorry to hear about your stolen watch, Amanda. I somehow feel something uncomfortable if I have no watch, I do not know, I feel more at peace with myself when I wear the time in my hands :)

    1. The watch was only a little portion of what they took - but I missed it the most. Thanks for stopping by and your comfort.

  3. I can't imagine how I would feel if I came home to find out it was burglarized. How very sorry I am for all your lost, and mental stressed!

    I still don't have a watch yet, but thinking about it after our cruise ship!

    1. The mental is still there, and it will be forever, because those thieves wasn't doing because they were buying milk for thier kids, they were probably buying drugs.

  4. I'm glad that you weren't there when it happen, but I definitely understand this feeling about the loss. Nothing can replace these value.

    I had a beautiful watch that was given to me once. It broke the next day. The lady was so upset with me that she didn't speak to me again. She thought I was one who didn't care for my things. She didn't even know me. But to this day it still pains me because I loved that gift.

    I didn't even know her either....she was my friend's older friend.

    Anyway since then I've wanted to get a watch. i am not sure if I can or should. I just want.

    I am always one to value my things until they are no more. Because I was rarely in host of things belong only to me.

    I'm so sorry about all your valuables and memories being stolen.

    Maybe eventually it wont hurt so much. *HUG*


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