Thursday Two Questions #76 - Yes! I am Hot- Blooded

Hot Blooded - By Foreigner
After some thoughts about how I can carry-out my new mission regarding Thursday Two Questions Revisits, I have decided. Starting from today on, I will go through the linky-lists and post questions from the linking participators - that is still participating, and link it back to their sites. Since Self Sagacity started hosting Thursday Two Questions #17, we will start with week 17th. The first linking participant on the list was Wandering Thought therefore I am featuring her questions today. 
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Here were Wandering Thought's Thursday Two Questions
1) Are you a "hot-blooded" person? In other word, do you lose your temper easily?
2) Do you watch what coming out of your mouth or your mind?

Expanding on these questions, here are two new ones. You may answer any or all, it's up to you.
1) Do you think being hot blooded stands in the way of achievements or accomplishments?
2) What kind of effect does the hot blooded individual have on you?
Self Sagacity answers:
 1) Yes! Once upon a time, I was completely 'hot blooded' about everything. I am fast to think and fast to act. I was also with someone who was "hot blooded", so together, we had alot of hot blooded battles. Now, I can't say that I am "hot-blooded", because I haven't had a good fight with anyone that "they know of" for a long time. So the question really is whether I am truly hot blooded or was just with the wrong chemistry.
Secondly, I wonder what someone would classify as hot blooded? While most young people to me right now are hot blooded, I think I am just too mellow. With my current mate, I have to be like the double dose, the hot blooded one of us two, but compared me to others that I know, I am fair and medium temper. I mean, I speak up when I think it is neccesarry to, and I also don't want to be speaking all the time about everything, so I would say...I am in the medium.
2) I definitely prefer to communicate and speak my mind, but I am more watchful now of what comes out of my mouth and my mind. I think it comes with age and knowlege. Things can be taken care of within good time. It doesn't have to be right away and sometimes it works out better to wait a little while.

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  1. I have never been hot headed, but have known lots of folks who were and have to agree with you completely in that chemistry has lots to do with it. Some people can naturally push other people's buttons.

    I used to blurt things out without thinking first. I think some unfortunate consequences and embarrassing moments have made me stop and think first. :-) It is terribly hard to take back harsh words. You are right, most things do not have to be said hastily. Let's take a moment to think.

  2. i was often described as "calm", i have a boss then back home who was very hot blooded, she tends to yell when she is under pressure and everyone was afraid of her, but they say, i was the only one who has the guts to cut her off because i would kindly give her a tap on the shoulder and ask softly, "i can't listen to someone who yells because i get afraid, can you please speak softly so i won't be afraid to listen?"

    i try to watch coming out of my mouth, though i am very upfront with my feelings. but then of course, i am human too, work in progress, so there are times i may not handle situation well enough.

  3. You are pretty brave, Amanda, in using us guy's old questions and getting us to answer your new ones with refinements. But I have faith in you and am betting on your making it work.

    1) Do you think being hot blooded stands in the way of achievements or accomplishments? Yes, I do. At work unless one is really in good with boss it hinders his/her raises and promotion chances. And acceptance of ideas if the boss would have some changes to it in mind.
    With friends there will be reluctant to bring up anything controversal for fear of 'setting this person off.'

    2) What kind of effect does the hot blooded individual have on you? I generally wade in and try to make peace by acting as if I didn't get the hint of any blowing off. It works a lot of times. Besides in Texas if you strike a senior citizen (me) it is a felony offense punishable by prison.
    I am a laid back person and cannot remember the last time I sounded off in a rage.

  4. Unless someone can keep their temper in check I would say yes, it can work against them especially at work.

    I have a temper but it takes a lot to set me off. I try to think before I speak but sometimes the words spill out and I regret what I said. I would rather discuss than argue.

  5. I'm slow in reacting, both in my thinking and in action! I'm usually stumped first. You're right, growing older helps mellow out temperament!

    I'll link up later on today!!

  6. I like that song, Amanda. :) Somehow I think they may have other things on their minds, and words, than getting angry or having rage.

    People say that I am very laid back. I can't remember the last time I 'flew off the handle.'

  7. I'm not really all that hot blooded. I am easy going by nature, but there are times I get pushed. I guess that's the human side showing through. lol When I do get a heated for the most part I'm pretty reserved. It really depends on the person I guess and who gets the feel my wrath. Thanks for hosting!

  8. I have been hot headed at times but nowadays I guess that I have mellowed down a bit since becoming a parent. I still do get my views and opinions known and won't let people try to walk all over me.

  9. I'm mellow as jello. I've become less opinionated since I had kids. I let them do the talking :-)

  10. I used to be hot blooded, and witty in my come back with answer, when I was much younger! I guess my situation learned me to defend myself in a flash at the moment! Now, I slow way down and often just shut down!

  11. Very interesting concept dahlin

    1. Yes I'm very hot blooded. I flip like a switch. I blame the government for raising me. (not really) But it's something I have to battle all the time. bah. so tiring.

    2. Yes and yes and OMG YES. But I tell you if I spill all that is rising to come out, I'll not only hurt the people getting it, but myself also and I'll hurt to death about hurting someone...so I force it inside or go away .

    3. Yes it does stand in the way of things I want to achieve especially trying to get my husband to see something that I want change in the relationship and not just because I want it, but because as a whole it would make our family much happier and healthier.

    4. I'm the hot blooded individual...my sister is another. Maybe why we don't speak much and feel comfortable with it at times. :)

    Off to visit the others. I'm running late all over.

  12. Hi Amanda

    I don't consider myself hot blooded - I work hard to keep my temper under control - and I usually do work hard to control what comes out of my mouth. Doesn't mean I don't lose it from time to time (when I do, watch out!) but under normal circumstances I am not easily provoked.

    I linked up to Friendship Friday (what's your favorite blog post that you've ever written and why?) but I also wrote a Klout article that has some great discussion questions at the end of it - would love your thoughts on those, too, if you're game!

    Have a fabulous weekend and thanks for hosting!


    P.S. I am now on Google Plus - would love for you to join me there (will reciprocate the follow but I'm set up as a page so need you to initiate - thanks!)


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