See Better with Cheap Eyeglasses

I had been pretty lucky to have good eyesight growing up. I could see throughout school and never needed eyeglasses, until this summer. No matter how much I squinted and adjusted myself I couldn’t see the signs in front of me. Mind you it was usually about 20 feet away, and I couldn’t make out what the words were.

Naturally, I made an appointment with my optometrist as soon as possible, because I couldn’t see the signs while driving. My son also wears glasses and he decided to make a two in one visit. He teased that now there are two of us in the family that needed eyeglasses, so he doesn't feel like the odd one. We had our eyes examined and new prescriptions for our glasses.
I was relaxed and fearless about the cost as I know of a place to get cheap eyeglasses. It’s pretty amazing that they have such up to date materials and styles. I could kiss them for saving me hundreds of dollars on these new glasses for me.
As for my son, he really loves the glasses he has been getting online. Believe it or not, he is great about not asking for name brand glasses like Ray Bans. He doesn’t mind as long as the glasses look nice on him and he can see. He is easy going in many ways, and I love that about him.
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  1. I think I'm due for an exam and so are the kids since both parents have eye problems.

    I should bookmark this.

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