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Are you having friends over for the holidays? I am. I am so excited to be hosting a PartyLite party This is the season to relax and enjoy your family and reach out to your friends. And like many of my friends, I needed a new party theme. We all rack our brains to come up with something intimate and elegant. I was so glad to have come across a PartyLite Hostess business card. It is just the perfect party theme for this season and I know all my friends will love this treat.

You know I really enjoy decorating with candles.  I like using certain scents or colors to create the Asian theme, or the Italian theme depending on which room I am working on. Sometimes I like to light up all the candle I have in my home all at once. The look of candles everywhere makes me feel like I am at a spa, or a retreat. And it is so bright that you would think it was due to pennsylvania energy. I love brightness and light, that is why I love the summers when our day is so much longer. The darkness tends to make me feel sleepy and lazy.

But here are some of the reasons why I am writing about Party Lite, if you have been thinking of working from home, earning extra cash, what easier product to sell, but candles? If you're still thinking but want to check PartyLite out first, like them on PartyLite Facebook.
Candles are the in thing, even among males. Yes, they like to impress the women with scented candles to create the mood, and or the romantic look.
Before I leave you with this excitement, there's a couple of things you need to know. Enter the PartyLite Simple Pleasures Holiday Sweepstakes. You have to do this by Dec. 15 for a chance to win 5 $500 PartyLite gift certificates!
Secondly, PartyLite Winter/Spring 2012 Catalog launches on Dec. 16, and guess what? This means you can do a lot of the shopping or browsing from the comfort of your home.
Anything to beat the traffic and the crowds right?

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  1. Sounds like a great way to make some extra money. My friend Laurie does this kind of thing..I'm a loner "type" and my house wouldn't be a great place for me to host!

    Great information..

  2. My inlaws and sister are all coming to stay over the holidays. I love candles and often light them up at Christmas.

  3. Seems to me... If you do the google research, Blyth International, the Parent coCompany of Partylite, International is under restructuring...

    hmm. If one was looking for this type of opportunity. I joined a company 4 months ago, have a downline of 50, the company has crazy grown, PROVABLE growth, and is owned by a VERY WEALTHY inverstor.


    greg tardiff


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