White Christmas Tree Leopard Print Decorations

Merry Christmas to you and your love ones. The tree below is sassy and showy, but it is filled with so many things that represent feminism and joy to be a woman.

One of those joys (sarcastic here) is the time of the month. It is evil, and affects many women in different ways. I can recall when in college, one of the girls in my group study would miss so many of our meetings because of her insane migraines. I was totally upset about this, even though I felt bad for her. Yes, when it was around her time of the month. She wasn't the only one "PMS-ing."


You know how it is to be in a group, someone always have to be savior, and that would be me in this particular group. I would have to take on her part of group work, and presentations as well. At those moments, I wished she would sign up for Migraine surgery so that she can get cured! I didn't understand how anyone could live with such pain, and why she wouldn't do something about it.

But I did. I sat out of the next classes to let the group move ahead so that I can get in a different one without a member with insane migraines.

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  1. beautiful christmas tree and decors, i am a migraine sufferer, when i was younger, i had too many bouts of it, but now that i am older, thankfully, hormones are probably better i have less attack, so thankful for all medicines :)

    1. I love these decorations. Although they do cost a pretty penny. I am finished decorating my tree last night, it's white and beautiful.

  2. I totally sympathize with those who have migraines. I have had some that were incapacitating. Hope your Christmas was very nice. Sorry that it brings sad memories mixed with the joyous ones.

  3. Oh that time of the month is evil! I hate the pain!

    That is an interesting tree!


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