Savings and Giving For This Season

Do you have a Holiday wish list to shop for this year? Mine is relatively short and I'm getting it done one by one. The two teenage boys are easy, and prefer gift cards to buy what they want. I only have to think about my little princess as she rather receives presents.

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If you are still looking to finish up your Holiday wish list, check out Savings.com deals for free samples, coupons, and codes for online purchases. You can really find some great deals from grocery stores, apparel departments, toys, shoes, automotives, books and music to traveling tickets. Brand name stores include Famous Footwear, Naturalizer, Bloomingdales, The Body Shop, Cheap Tickets, and are listed in Alphabetical order for easy locating.

I use coupons on a weekly basis, and very glad that savings.com offers this new service. I just search for the item I needed, put a check mark right next to it, add to my list and print it out before heading to my local supermarket. The coupons usually range from $.50 to $3.25 depending on what you are buying for the week.

It is a great feeling to save money, no matter how little since they all will add up at the end. Check out the Community section on this site to see where you can participate in the Holiday spirit of giving such as Toys For Tots Drive.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this resource. It's well needed at this time..

    I just have the man to shop for. It's hard to shop for him.

  2. We do the Toys For Tots and Salvation Army here at our local stores!


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